Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mail Call

Mark here. Bet you never thought you'd hear from me again, eh? Well true to my word I've kept my nose down. I'm watching and reading and trying to understand and find people who've seen the things I've seen. It's not easy while also balancing trying to live your life again for the first time in a long time. I've started going out around town again... tried to make new friends, you know, all of that nonsense. Not that it's all been successful when I can't seem to get the important things in life together in my head.

I seem to almost enjoy finding another person who has come forward about seeing the tall bastard. That feels vindictive to the point of sickness.

Right, on with the important stuff.

Today I returned home from a local concert to find that someone had come into my house while I was gone, put my very large, loud and intimidating dog in my room and shoved an envelope under the door.

The paper inside had a URL on it that I'll put down below. There was a bit of writing on the envelope itself. On the front in the lower right hand corner was my name written in a Cyrillic script... specifically the Russian alphabet. Forgot to photograph it but it read "Марк." A bit of an inspection afterward turned up a message written on the inside of the envelope itself.

As for the single letter that we'd call a 'backwards N' it's a letter in the Russian alphabet whose name I could pronounce but it'd be silly and uninformative. The script above it took me a bit to be able to make out, but I think, given looking around the site that the link lead to, it translates to 'Student.' Context is lovely when the writing is hard to read.

For now I'll keep an eye out on the site below... but I have to say that this envelope reminds me of a really similar incident... and it makes me wonder if one of my lost friends is not still out there after all. The thing is, this site is beginning to give me the creeps.

The url on the paper lead here: