Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mail Call

Mark here. Bet you never thought you'd hear from me again, eh? Well true to my word I've kept my nose down. I'm watching and reading and trying to understand and find people who've seen the things I've seen. It's not easy while also balancing trying to live your life again for the first time in a long time. I've started going out around town again... tried to make new friends, you know, all of that nonsense. Not that it's all been successful when I can't seem to get the important things in life together in my head.

I seem to almost enjoy finding another person who has come forward about seeing the tall bastard. That feels vindictive to the point of sickness.

Right, on with the important stuff.

Today I returned home from a local concert to find that someone had come into my house while I was gone, put my very large, loud and intimidating dog in my room and shoved an envelope under the door.

The paper inside had a URL on it that I'll put down below. There was a bit of writing on the envelope itself. On the front in the lower right hand corner was my name written in a Cyrillic script... specifically the Russian alphabet. Forgot to photograph it but it read "Марк." A bit of an inspection afterward turned up a message written on the inside of the envelope itself.

As for the single letter that we'd call a 'backwards N' it's a letter in the Russian alphabet whose name I could pronounce but it'd be silly and uninformative. The script above it took me a bit to be able to make out, but I think, given looking around the site that the link lead to, it translates to 'Student.' Context is lovely when the writing is hard to read.

For now I'll keep an eye out on the site below... but I have to say that this envelope reminds me of a really similar incident... and it makes me wonder if one of my lost friends is not still out there after all. The thing is, this site is beginning to give me the creeps.

The url on the paper lead here:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Long Post

This is about Connor and Stan.

As you can gather by the above video, Connor's dead.

His little friend threw him in front of some sort of creature.

That's the story as far as I grasped it.

Here's some scary shit, according to Mr. I Killed My Best Friend Now I Think I'm Redeemed Frederick, before he offed him, Connor was "Recruiting" read here, "Attacking" the folk over at the youtube channel, Osiris Chronicles.

Who are those two, because I know I'VE been in their house. But from what I saw, if Connor brought it to them, I sincerely hope that "Tristan" the big guy who fought with the masked man, well I hope he kicked some ass. I hope that when Connor's best buddy let him die and stole his girl back, Connor was firmly embarrassed.

As for you, Mr. "Evan" "Stan" "Frederick"... I really don't know what to say to you.

Moving on to bigger and better subjects, fuck you very much.

I've kept my eye on the TheAbbeyDiaries channel and its connected channel, WeInTheAviary. I don't like the video developments, don't give a shit about WeInTheAviary's nods toward Mr. ChildKiller and I sure as fuck don't really understand much about what they're saying. When I made the video so long ago, I did not expect a return message from the "Doctor."

But I will say that the more and more I go back and watch those videos the more sure I am that his Abbey and the girl in my memories is the same girl. I can almost remember her clearly. But she had a voice and she was sure as fuck NOT behaving as she does in those videos. I'd write this off as disqualifying my shitty memory if it weren't for the video WeInTheAviary recently shared.

In the end I can do nothing for this girl I may or may not know except sit back and watch, like everyone else.

Similarly, I know jack shit to tell you about the guy who calls himself Cairo, about that hidden video he apparently sent out to a lot of people that spews this and that about dimensional rifts and all that Doctor Who Mumbo Jumbo. I've sure as hell not heard from the man who I had the Skype Call with named Josh. I expected to get back into contact with him to hear more about all that. But I don't know what to tell you on that.

As for "Stack" from the youtube channel FutureRefusedtoChange? He's gone silent, which is whatever. I did try to contact him, don't expect a response. But he seems to be, in some way, tied to me with those shenanigans in that video over on the Osiris Chronicles channel.

Until I stumbled across that channel and The Abbey Diaries I never knew what was actually out there on ol' Tall Pale and Fuckface. It's a whole lot of the same. The only thing anyone else knows is shit everyone else knows. Though I have to say some have a lot worse luck with it than others. But I never thought it affected so many people... that it was so well known. Well, if Quinn's theory that knowledge of it feeds it, makes it stronger, is right, well...then so be it.

Speaking of Quinn, I looked in on the guest he had traveling with him for a while. Things aren't looking good for that guy or his friends either.

Since we're talking about people who've seen or heard of this thing... I will add that I never saw or spoke to Stormy again.

After realizing how big this thing is, I just started looking around. All these connections... all these people meeting... I can't help but wonder if it wasn't preordained and I can't help but wonder who else I may have once met, made eye contact with or had a passing conversation with in public that maybe fears rural areas, the night and stays up into the late hours looking at the internet and wondering, "Who else?" themselves.

Ian, Rick, Jon are well.

Quinn, not so much.

Brian is still missing. I've not had any more letters from him, no new videos have appeared from whoever was trying to contact me about him.

I don't know what the numbers from those two videos mean and I'm starting to wonder if I ever will... or if it even matters. I'm coming to realize... how far I've fallen.

As for IT?

I think it does lose interest in us sometimes. I think it's lost interest in me and once again I am contemplating simply packing it away.

But there's another option.

I can do something like what Quinn did. Only instead of creating a network of survivors or people who had encountered it, I can simply watch, listen, wait and try to connect the dots. Maybe there's a pattern about people it harasses and hurts and takes and tortures.

I mean... there are connections and patterns forming already... maybe my out of shape, overweight, beaten, broken ass better just plant itself in its seat and start watching... cataloging.