Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Surprises.


Uploaded that a week ago.

While I was looking around youtube I found something really weird. I thought I was just investigating someone else who had seen Him. But there's something kind of fishy about the channel. For one thing... it has the video Resurrection on it. For another thing... I think I heard my voice in one of its videos. Multiple times. If this guy knows anything at all I need to talk to him. I just need to figure out how to approach him.

The channel is FutureRefused2Change.

I'm pretty upset.

Every damn winter sucks.

Pet death.
Back and brain injury
Getting shot.
Getting stabbed.

However, it's Christmas night and I am at home with my father.

That's something.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is Rick.

If any of you know me its only by my voice, never been on camera in one of his vids.

I found Mark after this Connor kid attacked him. Mark's worked on puttin together a vid but he's a bit busy at the moment fighting off an infection, so I'm bringin it home, will finish editing out the bits he doesn't want you to see, what with gore and injury and whatnot. He's got a lot of explaining to do to me but I promised I'd help. Kid's knife punctured a lung. It collapsed. When I got him awake he had trouble breathing so we called 911. They didn't get there fast enough for him so I had to drive him.

He's not fuckin' happy. Maybe because he had to answer some of my questions and maybe because he knows I'm pissed he's been keeping shit from me. I might want to kick his ass myself if the kid hadn't already done it. Hope you never come back around. Oh, I got one last message from Mark.

"You should have finished the job, Thurman."