Monday, November 19, 2012

Well, I've tried to make myself sit down before now and write this.

I'm not sure what to really say.

I voluntarily went in.

But no matter the shifts in dosages or types of medications, the therapy, the endless incessant chatter, I didn't change. The medication just kept me asleep or so drugged up I thought I was asleep. It was like hypersomnia all over again. It was exactly like it. I felt like I was barely alive, not in the Oh Dear Me, I'm Dying, way, more like I was closer to a zombie.

I got lucid enough to decide to leave. The night I got out, on the 17th, I went to a local bar again. Probably not a good idea, but I wanted to hang with a couple of the local musicians, shoot the shit. I've missed 'em. It was a crowded building that night, because of a concert. The girl who I saw in that damned forest.. she showed up.

She was there. The guy I was talking to saw her too.

That's enough to satisfy the insanity--hallucination worry.

My e-mail account lists three emails from strange e-mail addresses.

They're all variations of each other with numbers on the end and each e-mail is inconsistent with what I would expect to receive from the people sending them. I got the first on the 30th of October, the second on the 3rd of November and the third two days before I checked out of the ward.

As with many other things it makes no sense.

The first is from Quinn who advises me I need to go check on "the Silent Asa", as he has "literally and alarmingly embraced radio silence." He then advises me to not stay around my father's place for Thanksgiving Dinner and to instead come back to "safe house 1."

The other is from Brian, who says I need to call Quinn and talk to him about what to do while I'm in the midwest.

It makes no sense.

The third is signed Cenobia, thouh not from her usual e-mail. And what it says I won't repeat.

That is my mystery du jour.

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