Saturday, November 24, 2012


So I haven't slept. Not really out of fear... but because I've been doing a little digging around and it seems like the world is far, far more complicated than I thought it was. Yesterday I received a video response on the aptly named video, "A Jacket To Make You Hug Yourself?" which... is in and of itself its own mystery as Ian was likely not the one to name it that. Not really his style. 

The clip was about six seconds long. Short and sweet. It showed my front door hanging open and BUSTED all to hell. Which I have to say, when I came home I noticed just how busted it was, but that was long before this video went up. That too, is a mystery for another day.

I want to put it aside and look at this video.

I've found two things wrong with the clip... beyond the obvious fact that it is so very wrong someone is recording my home at night. One of them is It, the tall fuck, standing in front of my door. The other, of course, being this We Must Collect fellow. I looked him up. Looks like he either was three people, who then became four, who then became two, who then became one, or he's still two people now? But this one called himself out by name, "Connor." So I kept digging.

This Connor used to run with some pretty fucking interesting characters... and I have no love lost for any of them and what he might do to them. I'll leave it at that.

Connor's a younger guy so small if I fell on him wrong I'd fear for his life. Seems to be a puffed up kid who likes picking on smaller, younger kids. Well, Connor, buddy, I think you bit off a tiny bit more than you can chew. What happened to this Puppet kid? Dead when you got there? Or was he sitting at his fuckin' desk minding his own business only to be knocked the fuck out without ever seeing you coming? Because to me, you and your little friends sound like cowards. 

Let's say I believe for a second that the tall fucker has made a deal with you. I know all too well where trying to deal with it goes and if what I've watched over the last few hours is any indication, you deserve everything that's coming to you. And I hope you share it with the others.

I saw what you did to the English kid. You've got a mighty little temper, kid. I assure you, you better get up nice and early and eat your fucking Wheaties when you come visit me. Lie with you? Hell no. I lie to survive. You kill to enjoy, and your little buddy who helped you looked to enjoy it as much as you. A shame you're fighting over a girl. Your own sister no less. That must've been one fucked up family.

I'm waiting.
I'm armed.
I'm about twice your fucking size.


  1. "Stan" had made some remarkable progress before the return of Connor. I believe that, yes, "Stan" does deserve something and so does Susan, but this is not it. You need to help them with Connor. It is something that is required. Hope you take this into consideration.

  2. I'll consider that someone who killed children is threatening me, stalking me. I'll consider that I'm not the typical little child or scrawny teenager.

    I'll consider that I do not suffer killers or fools. The lot of them are at least the first, maybe the second.

    1. I know that they are killers and fools (in some sense), and they do deserve whatever is coming to them (particularly Mr. Pale, Proper, and Creepy), but as of now, the only one after you is Connor (well, and the aforementioned creeper), and I do not implore you to take pity on them, but the only one with true blood on their hands is Connor, the hands-on murderer. Deal with him and you can then deal with the others.

    2. MARK! HOW COULD YOU GO! HE IS A USELESS WEAKLING! CONNOR, START DIGGING YOUR GRAVE!!!!!!! I WILL COME FOR YOU! OR STAN WILL. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY NOW. No caps lock. Well, still, you may have gotten him, but you can't get me or his supporters. At least when you fall, you'll FALL SLOWER.