Saturday, September 8, 2012

When I first saw the odd post prior to this one I hoped it was Brian, but it was done over my own account. I do not believe he would have a reason to do that.

The words had similar meanings but made no sense right beside each other.

Then I saw the videos.

Those two words were tags in one. They roughly translate to "surrender" or "retreat."

The video clips within the videos on my channel were taken from prior videos I had posted.

The titles are in Russian and mean "He's Gone" and "No Connection" respectively.

He's Gone is also the translation of the text overlaying each video.

I do not understand what the numbers are. I do not know the voice.

The description to the second video reads thusly: He's gone. 
He was the last. 
It's over. 
I will not contact you and you will not be able to contact me.

Not sure.
I have contacted everyone Brian was ever close with.

Yes, even Quinn. He and I had a very VERY long and enlightening conversation. Things are not going well for them which I suspect is why they've failed to update their blog in a long time. The lot of them seem to have given up, even Quinn.

Brian has contacted NONE of them.

Except his mother and father.

Strangely enough he's still sending them letters though they sometimes don't make much sense to them, as if they weren't really in answer to the one they sent him.

He sent them one for me too, but it's nonsensical.

It's reminiscing about things that never happened, (as far as I can remember, I confess) and teachers I KNOW we never had.

I'll transcribe it soon.

I'm so busy with school and therapy... that I don't think I'm going to be able to put much more focus on it.

Which is alright because really I am rapidly approaching a decision I've been punting around for a long time now.

I think it's time to close up shop on this blog. It doesn't bother me anymore. It doesn't bother Ian or John anymore. We've not even so much as seen it. Besides Brian's disappearance and the strange letters and the videos on my channel, things are almost normal. If you can call me constantly questioning if I'm in reality or not normal.

We'll see, I'll get more into that soon.