Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The power's on and all that but... the road's blocked off. Something abnormal is going on. Firetrucks, cop cars, but we cannot see a fire. My old man was heading into work and they turned him around at the roadblock, no one getting out. Thing is I went outside to see how significant it was and saw for myself the lights from the trucks and cars but no sign of fire.

I tried to head back inside but I saw something blocking my front door. Well, plainly put it was blocking my front door, you know, *It*. I turn and ran toward the trucks but not a single person there took notice of me and when I reached the top of the hill that was hiding them from my sight to begin with, I turned and tried to see if it was behind me. It wasn't. So I just went back. I've got footage but it's unusable. Just black until I get to the hill. I'm calling Ian. Fuck this.

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