Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The power's on and all that but... the road's blocked off. Something abnormal is going on. Firetrucks, cop cars, but we cannot see a fire. My old man was heading into work and they turned him around at the roadblock, no one getting out. Thing is I went outside to see how significant it was and saw for myself the lights from the trucks and cars but no sign of fire.

I tried to head back inside but I saw something blocking my front door. Well, plainly put it was blocking my front door, you know, *It*. I turn and ran toward the trucks but not a single person there took notice of me and when I reached the top of the hill that was hiding them from my sight to begin with, I turned and tried to see if it was behind me. It wasn't. So I just went back. I've got footage but it's unusable. Just black until I get to the hill. I'm calling Ian. Fuck this.
Yesterday was pretty damned bad. I'm just going to delete the video I recorded. It was me mostly just having a bit of a breakdown. Which is strange when you think about it, the voice has gone silent. She doesn't scream, cry or sing or yell anymore. I've not been seeing things. No one has contacted me with weird shit, I've just been looking around at all this shit on the internet about this thing, trying to pick real from fake, true from exaggeration.

The last part is the hardest.

I've been sending emails constantly to the address associated with the blog that Alex and Cenobia are running. The last time they posted, they said they had their internet running again. They went quiet after that. I've not noticed any activity on the channel their recent addition runs, that Project Croatan stuff. A weird post last month but that's about it. I'm considering trying to message that account. I've gotten no response and I'm getting a bit offput by it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

That little thing...

I know I've not posted in a while but my... issues... have been holding me back.

I've not been horribly unaware.