Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hi guys.

Last night during the night nothing went wrong. I slept on my couch which is not unusual for me... something about my room makes me uneasy nowadays.

I kept my comp on all night but thanks to my plan settings it was still (barely) alive when I woke so I could check and be sure that the video had uploaded.

I tossed two titles on there because both were fitting.

There's plenty more footage of that con I didn't show because honestly save for once on Sunday when I thought I saw Quinn it's all irrelevant. I was so... PISSED Saturday night.... but I do have something to tell you all.

If you've not watched the above video by now be forewarned...I'm spoiling.

Quinn showed up. He told me not to ignore his phone calls and he told me to go to Sears Tower. I hadn't been there in years. Sunday instead of heading straight home to Indiana I went into Chicago and had a fiasco finding parking and bus routes and such but I got to where I was going.

Except Sears Tower doesn't exist anymore.

It's called Willis Tower now.

Willis T.

Guys, I think I was in or around Chicago during the lost month. Somehow standing at the foot of Willis Tower made me SURE of it. I got a feeling and it's the same feeling I get when I watch that damn mystery video that popped up on my channel, Resurrection. Whenever I see that white mask. It feels WRONG. Does that video have anything to do with it? I don't know. All I know is that the mystery of Willis T. has been solved... thanks to a man who I still can't decide if I hate or not.

Quinn why won't you just fucking talk like a normal damned human being?

Well... I have come to a decision. The missing shirt turned up... the question of Willis T. has been answered... and I saw Quinn.

I need to gather up my cajones and open the video file on that damned flash drive. Who knows what it contains?

Whether it's an avoidance technique or not I've decided I'm not going to do that until I have collected the videos from the channel I began when Quinn had control of my accounts and from Ian's old channel and upload them. It will take me a while which I guess buys me time. Why am I so worried about what one little video will show me? It's probably nothing. More cryptic nonsense.

I also have to wonder how the video Resurrection ended up getting PUT onto my upload queue on MY computer and uploading so quickly, all within twenty minutes, when it takes me hours to upload videos. I have to wonder what it means or why when I look at it or when I looked at the tower, I got that strange feeling like I was pushing against an unmovable wall that pushed back. It wasn't necessarily a physical sensation it's more like... knowing you can't win, knowing you must win and finally in an act of mercy and cruelty you lose spectacularly. It is a feeling of desperation and failure.

I have to stop writing such long ridiculous posts but as I've iterated before.. no one but Alex and Cenobia are reading this anymore so I guess I'm not hurting anyone. This is a blog where I can get things out.

If the aforementioned couple are reading this... did Quinn come back? Why is your blog silent?

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