Friday, May 4, 2012

Finals are over.

I had a horrible day. I had to finish two finals, one of which was a damned in class essay but I got to finish the other final, my Spanish II final with a pounding headache and being at moments unsure if I was sitting in my classroom or sitting in... I've come to think of it as a warehouse. Whatever I see, for whatever reason, it looks like a warehouse.

I had a beer after class, came home sat around and fell asleep. So I'm getting a late start. I have two more videos to pull off of the channel MarkInHereStill and then I'll begin uploading the other videos. I'll start with the ones Ian posted simply because of chronological order. I don't know why I'm bothering to write this other than that I've got a damned hour before I can grab the other two off through the download on youtube. I'd start uploading I.P. videos now but even the first one would take so damned long.

I've decided that given the shortness of the first three MIHS videos, I intend to merge them into one when I reupload. They were all posted within a few days of each other.

The only question then is whether I shut down the MIHS channel entirely or simply leave it. I think I'll take a page from Ian's book and leave it up as a sort of back up. Speaking of Ian, if you're reading this, you need to apply to get posting rights on this blog, assuming you still want to kill that tumblr.

Which I won't blame you if you do.

Summer off here I go... let's hope it's less interesting than last summer.

We're rapidly approaching a year since this blog began but... considering how many years of this I'm starting to remember... well... it doesn't feel all that important.

I've not put in the flash drive. I'm still... afraid to. It makes me sick.

I'm going to leave Resurrection up. I don't see how it's harming anyone but me and that's just my own fucked up mentality probably.

Last but not least, I know I've mentioned her before but there IS a girl whose story I've been following through youtube. I really, for her sake, don't want to mention her. I feel like I know her but I'm not sure.

When I took my fall over a year ago, I may well have naturally as a result of trauma, lost several memories. In fact, I'm sure I did. However it's almost as if someone took an eraser and erased a line or two back toward the left side of a chalk board. Key bits and pieces from beyond the damage that the fall caused are just still gone, or blurry. I've put much of it together from other memories, from talking to Brian and Ian and from examining the hard drive that Brian procured from Quinn. There are discussions, recorded phone calls, video files (all amounting to damned near NOTHING because this thing does not like getting caught on my camera unless it WANTS to) but... even so it's helped jog my memory on a lot of things.

If this girl on the youtube channel is someone I knew maybe they'll remember me, that's true. But then I don't much feel like randomly terrifying someone just on a hunch.

So... nothing on that for now. Maybe I'll get desperate enough at some point. Maybe not.

I'm going to watch an episode of something and then grab the last two videos.

Long days and pleasant nights.
Live long and prosper.

Take your pick and have a good evening.

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