Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Apparently I shouldn't shower!

I went to take a shower while I let my upload queue continue the long process of uploading my video of the events of this last weekend. I just got out and according to youtube a video uploaded alright but MY video had HOURS to go because of my shit internet... and it is entirely gone from the queue. The video that uploaded... it was in the queue but I didn't put it there. I checked my hard drive but it's not on it. It apparently uploaded about 20 minutes ago.

And here's the damned kicker... I only got into the shower about 25 minutes ago.

The damn thing uploaded faster than anything I've tried to upload lately could have DREAMED of.

I'm frustrated. I'll try again tomorrow.


Afternote. I've talked with Ian and I've decided that I'm going to add him as a member to this blog. He'll be able to post but I imagine he'll post about as often if not less often than Brian. It will let him get rid of the tumblr he started while he was under the influence of whatever this thing did to him. Similarly the video channel that my drugged up self made when my passwords to all of my accounts had been changed by Quinn and the video channel that Ian made will be taken down. Relevant videos will be reuploaded... probably with commentary in the description. Christ only knows how long that will take with my net connection but it's necessary so that I can get control over all of this.

Things got so chaotic and I'm so far behind on UNDERSTANDING.

Ta-ta for now.

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