Saturday, April 14, 2012

A rather blah post.

Been a couple of days since I posted. Not much to report really. I'm thinking of seeing another doctor and I'm trying to make up tons of missed work for my classes. My pain medication's running low which will make logical thinking a pain in the ass but whatever.

I think I've found something interesting on youtube but for now I'll sit on my hands.

Speaking of youtube, I looked into the guest that Quinn and company have with them and the youtube channel he seems to run. It's pretty ugly.

I was sitting here just now working on a revision for that English paper that the flashdrive fucked up and I sort of got a bit hazy, couldn't focus. Then the weirdest thing happened. It's like someone was shining an LED light at the left side of my face, I just.. saw a bright light out of my left eye. I looked and no one was in the room and the window I was beside was still covered from the inside. I guess I haven't really gone back to my paper yet because of a mix of nerves and pain. I've got a goddamn headache that could wake the dead.

No progress on who Willis T. is or the meaning behind "I walked on the clouds."

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