Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not sure what's happening, actually.

Today I confirmed something... and I'd like to upload the video... but this net is not quick enough right now.

I'm pretty frustrated... there are a shitton of idiots in the room I'm sleeping in right now. I'm considering sleeping in my fuckin car. Genuinely pissed and I don't want to stay in here long enough even to record that webcam video like I promised in the video I got done shooting about an hour back.

This is the last fuckin time I get into a room that isn't going to be clearly labeled NOT A PARTY ROOM.

I don't like all this bullshit and I hate having to leave my laptop in here this is ungodly.

Sorry, people, it's been a stressful day for a vacation.

So much to say no option to say it.

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