Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I had a dream. She wasn't singing or whispering in my ear like usual.

She was screaming in pain. Even so I was not seeing anything that would make a screaming woman's voice ringing in my ears make sense. I stood in a room with a dark hardwood paneled floor. It was square and lit by a series of candles spread out in a circle. In the center of the circle was a man. His head was hung and he was seated in the half lotus. It was clearly some dramatized image of a man meditating. I became instantly aware (mostly because the candles had the wrong colored flames) that I was dreaming. The dream began to fall apart instantly. I KNEW I was about to wake up so I used the first tactic that had ever helped me stabilize a dream as it was fading. I began to walk in a circle, counterclockwise around the candles and focused on the man. When I felt confident I turned to him in a haze and asked him what he represented.

I could not hear my own voice over the screaming.

He lifted his head and spoke with no voice.

I have no way to make you understand what that means but that is what he did.

Half of his reply was drowned in the tortured screeching... which sucks because it was a long one.

I am the ................. never ending never falling......... number sixteen... arcana... the wrong side of karma... seeking forbidden knowledge. 

The Arcana.

Doesn't take scooby doo to figure out this mystery.

The fuck did it mean?

Who am I kidding, I'm just nuts. Bed.

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