Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"A disturbance in the force...."

After my Spanish class let out for the night I got home around 8:30 and managed to sit around until about 9:30. For some reason I was dead exhausted so I decided to go ahead and crash out on the couch. Normally when I feel like this I can saw logs for about ten hours. I usually do. But this time I woke up about five hours later and I was instantly wide awake, eyes open, queasy and scared. I've just been sitting here ill and focusing to stop myself from vomiting.

It's finally passed.

Don't know what it was all about but I feel better now.

On another note, I speed-wrote a paper for English, trying to make up for all the shit I was missing, the other night. I put it on the flash drive I found in my bag after that whole month of lost time took it to school and uploaded it. Yesterday I went to print that paper out and it was... ridiculous. Certain bits of the text are 100% backwards as if I'd written it out in some sort of mirror text. Some are in all caps, some are in fonts I've never even heard of before, some is just missing entirely. I met with my professor and he told me he had noticed the same. More than that, each time he opened the file the damage to the paper changed. Different sections had different afflictions. He accepted my excuse of, 'must be file corruption.' The hard copy I gave him from the original file was fine so that's all handled but I have no clue what could have done that.

That flash drive worries me and now I *really* don't want to open that video file.

As always, if anyone has any information on someone named Willis T. or a connection to the phrase "I walked on the clouds" please let me know.

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