Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blinking sucks.

I looked at the alarm clock beside my couch-don't ask, but it makes sense if you know how I live-It was pretty clearly 11:30. All I can remember after that was turning my head, considering that I ought to turn on a computer, a light... something. Then, as if I had just blinked, I turned toward the clock again, intent on setting an alarm and trying to nap. Instead it read 1:30. I figured part of the lights in the digital display were gone. When I checked my phone to confirm it actually agreed with the clock.

Multiple times since then, especially when I started writing this, I sometimes swear I'm seeing some sort of... ghost image. It's hazy and I'm never sure where anything is, but it's like I'm looking at another world over top my own. More than that, even when I'm not seeing it I swear I hear a girl's voice. Screaming, talking, weeping.... I never thought I'd say this but maybe I should go back to my shrink. This almost sounds like schizophrenia. But I know I am not this girl, she is not in the room with me and I am not in the room I think I see.

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