Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mark's Gone Again

I've been too busy. I don't have people actively watching for me. I don't know what's going on.

I can tell you these facts about what has happened since December 23rd. All of this information comes from Ian.

1. Mark was released from the hospital soon after admittance.
2. I left.
3. Mark had a crash some time late January that seems to be unconnected to anything that has already happened. It destroyed his car and aggravated his back damage. He and Ian left the site of the crash without going to the hospital.
4. Mark vanished some time in early February. A missing person's report was filed.
5. Ian received a text last week that said, "mark ill." He has not answered anything, text or call since.
6. He left behind his computers, but his camera is gone. His phone charger is gone too and for all the time that he's been gone he apparently has taken about two or three outfits worth of clothing.
7. Two posts were made on this page. I'm guessing by the comments on them that they've been edited, but I did not (read here: could not) see them in time.
8. Quinn has recently disappeared. The blog he commented on when he controlled this account acknowledges him but has gone quiet.
9. I am posting this and vanishing again.