Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is it, I think, I think.

One after another, time and time again I've had chances at life taken away from me and friends taken too. Sometimes as in death, sometimes alienation. He messes with our heads, with our emotions, with our memories. He turns us against each other. Sometimes my friends become his pawns... sometimes they're just stupid. Sometimes they're assholes. And sometimes I know and sometimes I don't know. Quinn was my friend but he did something both assholish and stupid and he can't tell anyone why he did it. It's time he realizes just what he helped happen.

Quinn told Brian he wasn't in control of his actions... and I've been there too. I have a vague recollection of the night that Brian, Jon, Ian and I wrecked. I believe Brian's story about that night... and I saw a video clip which I cannot seem to find anymore that I was recording when this all began. Something was wrong with me and because of it my friends were hurt, none killed this time. I'll never know exactly what I did or what I was made to do to them. Since then I've at times remembered and at times forgotten. I THOUGHT that it was my medication making me able to... I don't know, bypass whatever It did to me, but now I know that my medication had nothing to do with it. It was taunting me. It wanted me to know.

It's done this to my friends before and now I've lost so much.


Ken's gone on to live a normal happy life. He has no clue about the Slenderman but when I told him about it he would think I was crazy until we split ways when I was twelve.

Mary moved away when someone broke into her family's home and hurt her. I know who it was though, because she was my neighbor and had been seeing It, too. She doesn't remember. We were thirteen.

It left me alone for so long except for the occasional appearance and taunting myself and my friends who could look and see. We became adults but we didn't grow up. My friend went off into the military where he put his experience to work for the powers that be. But I was left holding several broken pieces and unfinished puzzles and finally, mercifully it was ME who forgot things. Of course I had to bust my skull and back open to be granted the honor that James, Ian, Brian, Mary, Ken and Jon got to enjoy.

I can only survive if I can trust the people who know and I can't trust Quinn right now because he's never seen this thing himself. He's seen videos, he's read accounts of it... but he's never experienced it and if he actually WAS controlled by this thing... he needs to. If he wasn't and he did what he did intentionally, even to keep us safe or lure it in to kill it or whatever reason he may have... then he DESERVES to see it finally.

Less than thirty hours.

Brian had it right in his last post. Short of physically restraining me... there is nothing left that he can do to stop this. When the worst moment us upon us I'm going to be offering this Tall Motherfucker something he can't refuse. Quinn, untainted, ready for exposure to It. Because one way or another, I will never again be held prisoner by someone who claimed to call me friend.

Stop me if you have the convictions, CYMBU, because we both know that the time has come for me to make my stand. If you stop me it could mean the end for you, for me, for my father and my dogs... maybe for everyone I know that It has touched.


I've written and handed off letters to a friend who knows to send them to Ian, Jon, Dan and Jess if something happens to me.

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  1. Stop and think about this. You want to get back at Quinn, no one can blame you. Do you really think exposing yourself, and possibly all those friends who know, but have forgotten, to HIM will do any good at all?