Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm sorry

I think you all deserve to read this. This is a blurb from a local news article written this morning, December 23rd. I have to say this about reporters… they fuckin’ work fast.

“Upon inspection of the noises, Pastor Daniels found a local man, Marcus Gregory Jones, 21, unconscious inside. Early reports indicated the local resident was found draped over the massive piano as if laid there. Jones, who attended the church he was found in as a child, was a family friend of Daniels and a friend of his son. Jones was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound though no weapon was found on site. The crash the pastor reported hearing was identified as the shattering of a window at the back of the building.

“I still remember Mark from sleepovers with my son,” Daniels says, adding, “I think he was in trouble and maybe came here because it felt safe and familiar. My prayers go out to he and his family.” He also informed us that, “I’m curious about a great many things, why he is in this mess to begin with for one thing and why he broke the window after getting inside. ” The pastor concedes that it could have simply been an accident and has visited Jones in the hospital saying that Jones is in good spirits despite what must be an untimely injury.

Jones, who is now in stable condition but unwilling to speak to the press, was in the news last February when he discovered the body of a close friend, one James Frank, less than two miles from home. Frank and another friend of theirs one Quinn Parks had been missing for close to a month beforehand. He was questioned in relation to Mr. Frank’s death and the disappearance of Parks though never declared a suspect. Parks, 23, is still missing and the death of James Frank, though ruled a homicide by the county coroner’s office, has never been explained.

Jones’ wound has not been explained and as the ongoing investigation unfolds it is unclear if a suspect will be named in his shooting but Pastor Larry Daniels has refused to press charges on Jones for breaking and entering. “

It would be selfish of me not to wish you a happy holidays just because I am miserable.

С Рождеством Христовым.

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