Sunday, December 11, 2011

All good and chill.

This is Mark and I have in fact been given control of my accounts back. It's actually eerie and I wonder if maybe Brian's not just trying to throw me off guard. I might edit together a video or so but there's nothing to tell that I can't tell through text. I've had a very cold time lately. Very cold indeed. It started less than pleasant with a kidnapping of a sort... and then I decided to stay gone. I didn't want Brian breathing down my neck while I try to figure this all out.

I have to give Quinn a taste of what he did to us. Whether he meant to or not, whether he was himself or not, whatever. I've been trying to figure out how to do this. I've been back a few times since I left but usually only when I knew the house was empty. It's good to see my dogs taken care of and I was glad to notice my friend and father seemed well enough. I was trying to get in touch with some people online during one of these times... when I was contacted by someone else dealing with the Slender Man, or of course, The Tall Fucker.

Apparently it has personally left them relatively alone other than knocking one of his friends out. On the other hand it seems to have an angry little fanboy who claims to have several kills to his name and that fanboy isn't leaving him alone at all. I had a pleasant though disturbing enough conversation with him before I had to leave again. It took me a while but in our initial correspondence I figured out enough to find his youtube channel.

Josh seems like a stand up guy... if not as fatalistic as I used to be. I probably would be the same if I didn't have a plan.

You can call it what Brian does and call it cowardice, say I'm throwing a friend under the bus to get away from It. But I know the truth, nothing will make it leave me alone in the end and the trick is just to keep going,. As for the bit about throwing a friend under the bus... well, Quinn's no friend of mine.

Not until he understands.

Not until he apologizes.

He did this. I don't care why.

He did this.

I've looked in on Ian and Jon. Dan and Jess are still clueless, they're the lucky ones. Ian and Jon know just enough to wonder what to do. Ian's safe for now though... no one's bothered him. Nothing's bothered him.

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