Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mark update, or more, lack of update.

Mark is still somehow conspicuously missing. I don't have any answers though I've noticed things around the house going missing which makes me think he may be coming back. The thing is I haven't left the house in a week now. In the position I am I can't really go out very often. I've started to give his father money to have groceries delivered here. It's ridiculous but I really don't have a choice. I just realized something while looking at a map of the area. all of this seems to happen in woods. The woods behind his grandmothers' house is decent sized. The woods down the street? Much, much larger. I'm wondering if that is perhaps where he took the footage on the camera's internal memory.

Which reminds me that I haven't uploaded it to the computer, much less the youtube yet.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hip hip! HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Mark.

I'm being very naughty.

You see. For a while now I've been back in the privacy of my own home... with a house guest and one very confused father. My dearest friend is blackmailing me because he wants to stop me from doing something... and its all for my own good. If I make any move he doesn't like... he'll tell my family just what's been going on and what I have and haven't done. Some lies have been told about me.

One of the rules is absolutely no internet until he thinks I'm 'better' or 'calmer' depending on what mood he is the day I ask. But he just left the house when he thought I had taken my head shrink prescribed meds and gone to sleep. He left me behind his computer which IS signed into all of my accounts. This one included. I decided I'd stored up a lot of videos and needed to share them with the world. Apologies for the length, after all I don't have time to upload several consecutively. For now it's going up on Driest Humor. Next time I get to a computer it will be cross posted over to my new channel... because again, I don't know when I'll get my accounts back. They've been passed around by people who feel they have the right to take them without my permission.

It COULD be a while.

Late night Halloween I was very, very drunk.

I mean very.

I thought for sure I'd spend the night wallowing in my own anger and self pity... I do hate that day and have all the reason to... but you see, while I was wallowing I was making plans... plans that are now not to come to fruition because I was stopped.

Or so he thinks.

I'll know when its time, Brian.

I'll do what must be done.

Man's justice won't fix this... and I don't believe that any God that does exist actually delivers justice.

I'm going to avoid both of those routes and just...



He had no right, even if he thought it was for the best, to hold us against our will and what in the fuck excuse justifies depriving us of food and water or justifies SHOOTING AT US? Then, he has the balls to ask Jon to let him hide out behind the ruins of his old house? Really!?

I don't want Quinn dead... no.

I want him to experience what every last one of us have felt BUT him. I want him to suffer the same fate as the rest of us and then I want his apology, face to face. Not just for keeping James and I locked up, but for SLANDER. He actually accused me of holding that girl and her father at knife point. Do I strike you as the type to hold a knife to a teenage girl half my size and a blind man?

I don't know what you fucking believe, because you're keeping me here like a criminal.

I FLEW, Brian. I FLEW to get answers. When I saw the empty house, I broke in to look for them and there were none. When I went to the apartment in Berlin, I held no weapons. I walked in, I told them who I was and asked them to tell me everything they could. They refused.

I got heated.

I yelled.

I fucking apologized and left.

Did I cross lines?


I went to Quinn's parents and told them a lie to get them to help me out. Hell, I would have gone to yours except we both know how they feel about the dirty long-haired queer their son hangs out with.

This stopped being an explanation and turned into a rant. I don't know how long I have until you get home but I swear will lock this laptop in my room with me until that video's done uploading.

About this blog's background image.

It's flattering, don't you think?