Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mark the date.

Punny title aside...

The countdown on the page when I took over was set to expire on September 30th.

Is that what I forgot?



  1. Forgot about that, do you suppose it was related to not being alone on Halloween?

  2. Halloween is a month later than the countdown so I don't think the two are related. I've not forgotten what Halloween means to him but I find it really strange he willingly mentioned it... and I find it strange that in one video he told me to stay hidden and in another he's asking me to come see him on Halloween, never mind that that's fiscally impossible.

  3. Wasn't sure, with the weird sense of time going on. If it has some other meaning, then I understand. Maybe B can make it.

  4. Right, sorry. Just sort of hoping...

  5. So now you want to talk? Go bury your head in the dirt, fucker.

  6. Q.L.

    im alright

    Yours aren't the shoulders that hold the world. The Connection was a joke, it just makes it easier for him to hurt us. It's stupid for you to play Atlas. Close up shop, tell them they're on their own.