Monday, October 17, 2011

Issues in Germany.

Two days ago, I recieved a long distance skype call from a friend in Germany. He was watching a pair of friends of mine, they were part of The Connection but had lost their memories of The Slenderman shortly after The Connection relocated them to Germany. We've relocated two pairs of people in The Connection to Germany lately so I had to ask a couple of friendlies to look in on them. The couple who had their Knowledge removed had a REALLY rough time figuring out what had happened to them, but apparently chose to remain where they were.

Two nights ago, we noticed someone staking out their home. As soon as that person was gone, we got them out of the house. As evening drew close last night, someone apparently broke into their house. Our eyes there have a description but it's absolutely fucking baffling. The same person apparently showed up at the other safehouse four hours ago and was chased off.

I don't know what to do now... because I no longer know who I can trust.

Something smells fishy.

I've decided to let you draw your own conclusions about this person:

Last night a man climbed through a broken bottom window pane on a storm door, and opened the unlocked backdoor of safehouse one. The occupants were mid renovation and had taken down most of the curtains so our own eyes on the site were able to observe the man go through the house for about a minute and a half and realize that it was utterly empty, then come back out. After which he stood for quite a while behind the house.

Four hours ago, he apparently broke into safe house two and held a man and his daughter who lived there at knife point, trying to get phone numbers for The Connection out of them. When asked why he was doing it, the man said it was 'to force the truth to out.'

The description of this man as I was given it is as follows:

White male between the ages of 18-25, large in build and average in height, long red hair and a thick beard, dark rimmed glasses, a dark shirt and jeans. He walked with a slight hunch but looked entirely confident in his actions. They believe he was carrying something with him the whole time but they're not sure what it was and didn't want to approach in case it was a gun.

Draw your own conclusions. I'm beginning to draw mine.

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