Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Night

I'm starting to get very worried about Halloween Night. With the exposure of that and the stuff Quinn has been saying, I'm wondering if I will have to stop something big from happening but I don't know where or how.


  1. Is it possible that you can be there for him on Halloween?

  2. I don't know. He's either unbalanced and needs professional help or he's dangerous and can't be trusted not to hurt someone. Honestly, he can't be trusted not to hurt someone if he IS unbalanced. In his most recent video he apparently went to Quinn's parents, asked them for money and flown to Germany where according to Quinn he held someone at knife point.

    The Mark I know doesn't figure in with this.

    1. Mark is terrified of flying, says its too hard to survive if something goes wrong that high in the air.
    2. He's too proud to take a lot of money from anyone.
    3. He's never been that violent. He was in one fight in high school and ended up spitting blood into a sink and getting in no good hits of his own.