Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frustrations, really. Frustrations.


To this Cenobia girl:

You will not reach me by phone. Forget you have my phone number, destroy the phone. Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on your posts, too. IF our friend is okay, he would be pissed to find you sticking your nose in this. Pull it out and go about your merry. Same for the other one, Mr. Pity Party. This is not your fight.

I'm giving you the time of day only because of our mutual friend. If his neighbor is right, I'll hear from him again the moment he is safe. If the man is wrong, neither of us will never hear from him again. NOTHING YOU DO OR SAY WILL CHANGE THAT. Do you understand that?

Every time I surface for even seconds, my phone spews about voice mails and missed messages from you. You're becoming more than an annoyance and are now a hindrance. Get out of there now. I have no more ties in that area that can help you if you step into something too big to handle. If you've read this blog you have an idea what's going on and if you think my friends and I are crazy then GOOD. Stay with that thought and turn your back and leave. Your boyfriend has already brushed too closely with the demon that haunts dear Matt and most of my other friends too. He is marked. If he learns too much, looks too far in then only luck will protect you from the same fate as the rest.

That is all I have to say to you. Leave and quit, now.

NOW. On to things more relative to this blog.

M. (Not to be confused with the man mentioned above) is confusing me. The events depicted in his most recent video are disturbing as hell, not to mention not conducive with what he's hinted before. He's so clear headed... and so sure of what he's doing despite being clueless. What's more, his apparent willingness to mention his feelings toward Halloween, or at least hint at them, is out of character.

I don't know what he expects I can do about it anyway. I cannot come to him.

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