Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dotta said...

If it's not Proxism...?

How are you doing since posting this?

He's either pissed or insane.

I've gone to check in on Ian. He seems genuinely clueless as to what's going on. Hell he barely remembered me. Jon and I talked and I told both Jon and Ian that Mark wasn't right in the head, he's been up to something and probably should be regarded suspiciously.

I've got some bad news too.

Either Mark or Quinn has installed some sort of program on this hard drive. Everything is locked.

As for me, I have nowhere I can safely go. I can't make a spectacle of myself and get my superiors in trouble and I'm a walking fucking target for the Slenderman.

Man... if Jon knew what Quinn was doing.

I know you all reading this must be really damned confused but really all the clarification I can give right now is that things are messed up. If I say too much I put one or more of my friends in danger.

I think I know what Mark is up to... but I wonder if he realizes the dangers involved.


  1. I wish I could offer housing help, but any suggestions I have are visible to everyone who can see this site.

    I have a brother in the military, I understand the secrecy as necessity for safety. Stay safe

  2. I know it's unlikely that you would try, but I would avoid Quinn's as a safe place.

  3. I'm worried something is going to happen on Halloween...