Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ana and Kata

when i was a young teen i read a lot of fiction

one such story was about a boy who figured out that the uncle who raised him was in charge of protecting another dimension, the 2nd dimension though for some reason the boy wandered into the fourth dimension and while there learned to turn his body in directions we cannot fathom but simply name and theorize. ana and kata.

ana and kata

ana and kata

i'm so tired but i had to post here while i could think

haven't you forgotten something quinn

Still... please.

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  1. Ana and Kata, something about the Crumble video was changed to this.

    I couldn't find the story, but I found the man who proposed the theory of time as the fourth dimension, and a colorful but confusing visualization of it. (I thought A Wrinkle in Time was the first use of a tesseract)

    I wonder which of the many, many strange things is being referenced. The memory issues?