Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not Happening.

Call me Quinn.

I have rescued this blog and backed it up. 

The original posts will remain for about a week then I'll take each of them down. You might recall me, being mentioned by M. Yes. In order to make it less likely the prior users tied to this blog and others stay out of trouble, I will not use their full names. Once upon a time B (or Cymbu as he was once called) connected me with many of his allies and friends. I've used them to do a lot over the last few days, plenty of it is illegal and these men and women risked their careers and lives in the name of returning favors to B.

Here is what is in my possession:

All of M's accounts that have ever connected to this whole mess.
All of B's accounts connected to this particular... shall we say... instance.
All of Ia's accounts linked to this.
M's missing hard drive, a CD, a flash drive, and a piece of paper containing a few passwords. Oddly enough I also have a file in my possession... the file that M denied ever existing despite it being on camera. There's a reason for that, he simply didn't remember it. I just find it odd that someone would store this in the same place. Anyway, all of this was recovered by Military Police from I's home.

Here is what I know:

  1. B. Ia. Ja. and myself have been involved in a recurring game over the last six years. When it gets too serious... somehow we always lose our memories of it, and all evidence is taken away. Except the last time... I discovered what was happening and that it had happened before and once Ja. passed away and M was injured, B stuck overseas, I went into hiding. I've since recovered a lot of information put together by all of us that had been taken or hidden or nearly deleted.
The Slenderman has shown the capability to damage memories in the past... but it looks like he's not the only one messing with peoples heads in this way.

B. has returned to his former work, but he is not in Russia anymore. Where he is right now, I don't know. Neither my independent sources nor the ones he once introduced me to have any clue. M. believes he sustained new head and back injuries due to car accident and is currently heavily drugged in a local hospital. When you're this high up, apparently you can convince anyone of anything. I have been monitoring his computer for months now. The activity has completely returned to before he began this blog. I don't have so close an eye on Ia., but they basically made it appear as if by a freak accident the two of them collided on a road near Ia.'s home when Ia. fell asleep behind the wheel. He too seems to be completely unaware of anything. The worrisome thing is they've planted Ja.'s brother Jo in this as well, apparently as M.'s passenger. He too is in the hospital... and his chart apparently suggests similar retrograde amnesia. 

I don't know why people are buying this... and I don't know why Jo. was wiped. To my knowledge that phone call in a prior video was his only interaction with this. 

I will answer any questions that I safely can.

Otherwise this blog may simply go quiet. Like B, I gather information. I do not act upon it. The last time I tried to get into the thick of things, someone died. But my information is not firsthand. 

One last thing. Do not try to find and contact M. I'm putting the last video that appeared as private. That's all I can do. These three are better off being clueless because it's the only way they can be safe. I'm monitoring M. for now, but there's always a chance the method I'm using will be detected by a program and destroyed or maybe he'll have to reformat his computer. Either way? I don't trust that it will be there long. 

I fear that the countdown, which I also see on Ia.'s tumblr is connected in some way to erasing the blog or something else. Either way, I don't want it up with September 31st comes around. I hate to tell you this but that countdown was posted more than 12 hours after M's so called 'accident' and right now he is still in the hospital. Even if he had his laptop, I'm sure that he doesn't know a thing about the Slenderman anymore.

I made the decision to do this about an hour ago, waking up from a bad dream. I'm going to bed as soon as I take down that countdown from this and the tumblr. 

Ask me anything you want. 

I can't promise I'll give answers and I can't promise you'll like the ones I give.


  1. What do you mean by "this high up"? What happened to M?

  2. This high up?

    Who stole all the evidence?

    Who other than the Slenderman would want something kept quiet.

    As for what happened to M, read again. The answer is gonna be clear.