Thursday, September 8, 2011

No valid title comes to mind.

This background appeared without explanation. It's really kind of creepy when you look at it.

I talked to M on Tuesday through the telephone. I'll tell you what was said some other time... I honestly don't have the time right now because I honestly just woke up and I've got to get back to work so to speak. I don't have the original background of this blog on my computer and don'
t have anything to change it to... so I don't intend to change it right now.


  1. The URL of the Background image is
    Maybe someone more image-savvy than me should look into it.

  2. He said it was someplace that meant a lot to him. A tunnel that lead into the middle of a pond.

  3. Well, whatever it was... it's gone now and has been replaced by this. To my knowledge only two people should have been able to do this and I'm one of them, M before his recent hospital stay is the other.