Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mysteries mysteries.

I was woken again by the mysteries of all of this and I feel like if I'm going to take control of this, I can at least... use it.

This thing B and M have been speaking of, the one that is similar to but not The Slenderman boggled my mind the moment I read about it. It's been a long time since one of them contributed anything new to my information, anyway. I've read up a few theories on what this thing is and what it can do. It has similarities to the Slenderman and at a distance might even look rather similar to it, if you would trust the few reports of people claiming to have seen it.

But the original report of it and one other I have received second hand report that it contains this strange ability to stretch and distort itself as if it were... a whisp of smoke or something. It's hard to say, but if you've ever seen any of the photos of this thing... you'd understand what I mean.

The Slenderman is a physical being.

This thing is not.

I have been able to find, discounting the original sighting of it back in February when all of the shit had just finished hitting the fan for us, two more reports of sightings of it. Actually, three if you believe B had an encounter with it. The effects were described by the one that was up close were similar to those I've heard about close encounters with the Slenderman. But there is no suit, there are no tentacles. And in fact, that close one claimed that it had a face, or perhaps formed a face, or somehow gave off the implication of a face, but its form was literally blurred, so they could make no distinguishing features out.

But the feelings of terror, the illness, the mental unease and even the failings of electronic devices matched up perfectly.

I don't know what this thing is or if it's something we have to worry about but it stands to reason that if there is one monster in the world then maybe, just maybe, there are others.

Mysteries fucking abound though, don't they?

What is with this strange activity on M's computer? It's just concerning enough I'd visit him at the hospital if I could. I can't make heads or tails of it. By all accounts he seems to know nothing and yet sometimes his computer will begin running things that would suggest that's not true. Before I started typing this, I sat down in my computer chair and checked the information I had been fed. A few hours ago, he posted something, somewhere on the internet. It was gibberish and it's so hard to shift through all the excess information fed that looking at it and trying to figure out it is beyond me.

Maybe his medication is too strong or he's having some sort of side effect. I don't know. I've heard of sleep walking, and I know under certain drugs you can do all kinds of things without actually being conscious. Especially if there is a bad mixture.

Mysteries fucking abound.

Three and a half years ago there was a fire that burnt down a cabin belonging to a friend of mine. His father and little brother were in it at the time. His brother got out. His father did not. His father died unconscious in his bed. It was tragic and unexplained. They suspected first him, but he had a rock hard alibi. That being that he was at a frat party doing keg stands. Lots of people saw him.

They accused his little brother next of being a disturbed child who murdered his own father. Their mother had a conniption and no evidence was ever found that allowed them to blame the child. It didn't help him though, that he told stories of being lead out of the house by a man in a dark suit... a very tall man without a face.

Mysteries fucking abound.

And they wake me out of a dead sleep sometimes.

Oh well. It's time to start my day anyway. I've got to do a little bit of tidying up. Which is alright... there's not much to clean. Though this one is rather large all things considered. It was built for a family of three to be able to stand living in it for two weeks after all, and upgraded, even expanded upon once or twice. All things considered it's not so surprising I've managed to stay here for the better part of seven months.

Time to get cleaning and then contact those who've gone silent and hope that just this once, one of them turn up and say, 'It was just a connection problem.'

But I won't hold my breath.


  1. Is there anything we can do to help?

  2. Didn't you say that you control all of the sites and blogs involved? The Black Disk just updated and I doubt it's you, and TBD always seemed very relevant to this.
    Also, I had a thought. The Slenderman as we know it, from lore, always seemed to be connected to the element of water. Water makes him appear, he often goes active in rain, and people trying to flee from him or exorcise him often use fire, sometimes going as far as burning down entire buildings. The new creature although seems to have no fixed form, no clothes/possessions and a mist-like appearance - which ties in more with the element of air. Could it possibly be we're really dealing with some twisted sort of Paracelsian elemental golems/apparitions here?

  3. I do not think so. B's whereabouts are still unknown. M. Jo. and Ia. are all apparently still hospitalized and clueless. I am completely out of reach of anything that can hurt me. At least as far as over half a year of experience has taught me.

    Save maybe B., everyone seems to be safe. For now. I fear that B. is the trigger and sometime soon, something's gonna pull him again and this will start all over.

  4. The person at The Black Disk is not familiar to me. I do not know him at all and have never met him. Neither has, to my knowledge, M or anyone else I know.

    I assure you that I do not know him and have no reason to be concerned for him or attempt to take over his account, something which would be a bad idea considering it would limit his ability to give information out.

    Information is the biggest danger in this world and the greatest tool. Much like M. I do not know who this Keith person is and I do not wish to give off the wrong feeling here, but I have a lot more people to keep an eye on, people who are, in all honesty, more important to me

  5. As for your thoughts on this other creature, they are fresh thoughts. I've never come across a theory of that type before.