Monday, September 5, 2011


Way I hear it, M and Jo. will be released from the hospital on Wednesday. Ia seems to be being kept longer. No idea why.

I have nothing else to tell you relating to M and our other friends. The sad fact is that for about five months now they've had no part of my life. Recently I've clearly had to look in on them but my life now extends beyond just them and I can honestly say things are not going well. B's whereabouts may not be known to anyone but his superiors, but I have thirteen friends whose current whereabouts are known to no one and six more who are scared and almost as deep (ha ha) in hiding as me.


  1. Do you have any idea what caused you to remember the past incidents instead of forgetting them? And also, do you have a backup, some safe information storage in case you SHOULD forget suddenly?

  2. Of course I have an idea, Astartus.

    It's that I'm hiding farther down then the Slenderman can reach and where the other side wouldn't think to look.