Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fuck?

I logged onto my computer. I did what I always do and started checking the few taps I have and instantly one of them caught my eye. M's. He had a video editing program loaded up. And he saved a video from it. And then maybe four... five minutes later, he typed a clear coherent phrase. 'But I Wasn't The Same' and then 'QUINN.'

I'm going to call his hospital room tonight.

In unrelated news, user named Astartus asked: Do you have any idea what caused you to remember the past incidents instead of forgetting them? And also, do you have a backup, some safe information storage in case you SHOULD forget suddenly?

As I said to him? I'm where the Slenderman can't reach me and the military wouldn't be able to find me.

As for a back up of my information? Well I now have an external hard drive to save onto. I've got my computer. I've got my brain... and I have people I can entrust information to. The same people who trust me with theirs.

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