Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Night

So I got a ride away from there pretty early this morning. As can happen, certain temperaments and alcohol mixed badly. Badly enough I'm frustrated at certain people. But something interesting happened that I *can* tell you about. Jess showed up to pick me up about a half hour after I posted that status and we went over. The first thing I was treated to was the sight of Rick and Brian sitting playing computer games like old times. They had clearly begun drinking already. When Rick mentions drinking, he's not kidding.

I joined them fast to catch up and Brian pulled me aside and held up something REALLY familiar.

My camera.

He has no clue how it got into his bag, but at his last stop in Austin, TX apparently he discovered it after getting off the plane. It functions.

Now, as for the rest of it, tempers, alcohol and threats. Not great shit.

I think Brian and Rick's father bonded over being military men and Brian's going to be living there while he's back in town which means most of his communication to me will be through text. Which is fine. I just don't know exactly what's happening. I need some aspirin and not just for a hangover.

My hangovers tend to be extreme heat sensitivity and not headaches which just calls me lucky.

Well anyway, I'm gonna probably try to get some sleep... then I'm going to read that tumblr: and check the camera.

Someone asked about Ian's recent video, if I could give you a time frame. I remember very little of this. In face, :I remember pretty much none of it. Some of the clips seem to be from a birthday of mine, I'm saying that because of the fireworks and me being born on the 4th of July. Brian and I are at a local restaurant with other people in one shot... he's acting goofy as hell. Looks like it may be senior year, maybe junior. His hair makes me think senior. There's one of me in a hotel and my hair is short... which uh, doesn't make sense. In the last 6 years I've cut my hair once. Halloween 08. I hate Halloween. It needs to pass quietly this year.

But I don't remember going to a hotel any time around then.

There's my father at some sort of bonfire or something... In the final clips I know where we are and I know when too. We're at the spider wall and other things outside of the theater.

The storm, the play ground, the shots of me looking weird as fuck? I don't know. The shot of a swimming pool may be Rick's... maybe Dan's? I don't know. Most likely Rick's because of the wood in the shot. I wasn't going up on that huge rickety deck while drunk last night.

Here's the thing... judging by the clips right before it... the fountain was the one right outside the hospital. I'm really kind of freaked out because there is a shot right before that of me sitting in the corner of one of the hospital rooms beside my dad in a chair and whoever is recording us is in the bed... and I don't know who it is.

I'm frustrated. And it's like Ian is mocking my memory issues.

If it's still Ian.


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