Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Another Email Post

(From Brian)

Cymbu Y. to me
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I tried to post but blogger was down. 

Please share this, Mark. 

Mark, I don't know what you've gotten into with this girl, but I didn't send you any text messages. It's possible I may not communicate with anyone again until we see each other next. Call it 'going dark.' I've been traveling and it hasn't been all fun and games and drinking and beaches. Though I would be lying to you if I said I didn't take a chance to get some of that in there.

The Slenderman is real. Few believe that, but I've seen him and it sounds like finally, you have too.

Life is strange and that's the easiest way to say it. I can't get this detail out of my head. If you want information about possible dangerous activities, you go to Chechnya. I used to frequent a bar in Grozny. The city, even now shows signs of its past issues but if you know where to look you can find a place worth being in. The bar was dingy but that was alright. The men there all knew me by name and face.

Not my actual name, of course.

No, I was, strangely, accepted there as an American born Russian immigrant, Feliks Volkov, come back to my homeland. Some of the people in there heard strange things and had experiences strange things and they new I had an interest in the paranormal. That's not all that strange in Russia, perhaps even less so than here.

One day in mid February I was sitting down for a drink. I was tired and I was drained and I felt like I might need to request a couple days' for a break. I was getting nothing and nowhere. Someone dropped a photo in front of me on the bar and bought me a drink. He was a long term acquaintance who was bringing me something he thought might interest me. I sent it on to my superiors but left it because though there were some extreme similarities, it was clear to me that this was not relative to my search.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't dismissed it so cleanly. It's started to give birth to a theory or two of mine.

Some people, the same people who believe The Slenderman is a joke, a gas, a laugh they saw this thing in a photo out of Spain, like I did, and they jokingly called it 'The Tall Gentleman.' I found one of the photos. The story seems to be that a man was leaving his office building late one night, or maybe looking from a window based off of the picture I have. The thing pictured and described is strikingly similar to Slenderman but considered separate.

It also turns and shifts in ways no one has ever reported with the Slenderman. A theory I read was that it was extradimensional somehow and these changes in shape, rapid stretching and growth are some manifestation of shifting through our three dimensions, him being unable to exist as we are.

But the thing is? He holds so many similarities with the Slenderman... and I think that maybe I saw him myself once. I reported the event as an oddity, I personally encountered the Slenderman three times while searching for information on it. Each time was disastrous but now I'm beginning to think that the second time was not what I thought it was.

I reported the event as an oddity to my superiors much like I said. I thought I encountered Slenderman from several meters away, in a thickly forested region of Siberia. He was acting strangely and for the first time had no thermal reading. I shifted my gear out of thermal sight to a low light vision mode but what I saw was more weird than what I hadn't seen. The Slenderman was sort of blurry, hard to see but more than that he was... nude. I saw no genitals, but he was nude.

Is it possible that I was mistaken or could I have seen this new thing... and if so... does that mean it has something to do with the Slenderman?

Well that was his email, he attached this picture.


  1. You didn't say if your woodland visitor was wearing clothes. I sort of assumed it was after the blog videos Brian linked to.

    (By the way, what's your background? You said you wanted to go back some day. I have the page sort of halved, and can see it a little more clearly for the first time.)

  2. Yeah, I ran into the Slenderman in that forest and it was most certainly clothed. This is creepy as fuck to me and I hope Brian was just huffing something that day, or something. I might show this to Stormy. As for this background.... it's just a place that's important to me. Some time maybe I'll show it, but let's say that once you get to the end of that tunnel, you're literally standing in the middle of a chamber cut directly out of the center of a pond. It's kind of cool. The more interesting thing being who I went there with of course.

  3. Shame the story's from February, it could mean he's getting sick or something.

    That is pretty cool, never heard of a pond tunnel.

  4. Mid February I was laying in bed drooling because there was so much morphine in my system I was that far gone.

  5. Was it the same time he saw the thing?

  6. What? I don't know. His email says someone else saw that thing in Spain, though he seems to think he did in Siberia at some point. And it says he saw the picture in February... I went into the hospital on the 20th according to my medical shit. I think that was it... I don't know when this thing showed up for him. He's never mentioned it to me. I wish I had more to say but he hasn't emailed me or done anything I can find since...