Friday, August 5, 2011

Interview with my dad.

Sorry for the audio quality. The way he tells it, I hadn't been home the night before the accident and he went to work. He works midnights. He got a call at work saying the neighbors had found me outside the front door, bleeding from the head holding a box.

I do not remember having heard about the box before.

He said it contained my old external hard drive but that he wasn't sure what happened to it.

Unfortunately he couldn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

At least about the memory issues.


  1. I can't play the clip where you say this because it'd wake up everyone (and it might be useful to have it here with this entry), but when was this in relation to James?

  2. His brother said it had been about a year from when I called looking for him. But this event was in February. I'm still in a lot of pain due to it, honestly.

  3. Ouch, my friend wreaked into her truck sled riding a few years ago and still has trouble with her foot. Hope you feel better, and good luck finding your hard drive.