Friday, August 19, 2011


I think He was angry this time. Reading the tumblr posts, I started to get paranoid about Ian. Not out of worry of him but for him. The more I read back the more I can put perspective on the emails he sent me leading up to the synchtube incident. When I told him that 'He is lying to you' and then accused him of trying to mislead you all I meant it. Ian believes the Slenderman to be a physical manifestation of some ancient god called Yum Ka'ax who was apparently the God of agriculture, forests, hunting. He thinks the physical look of The Slenderman is a result of pollution and no longer being worshipped. He kept trying to convert me, to convince me to meet him some where and ask his God's forgiveness.

When he took my camera he definitely traveled. Judging by the little bit I've been able to get from Brian lately...the more normal videos on this SD card show places that Brian was at and it seems like when he couldn't pinpoint the exact location Brian was going to be, he got as close as he could. Brian watched one video with me and said that the window of the hotel room he'd been staying in had been in the shot about halfway through the video.

Things seemed to unravel about the time that he came home. I think that night when he took the discs and the flash drive from my bedroom he found my hard drive and took it too. That's really disturbing since apparently it was with me at the fall and it would be the place I would store old videos and pictures, especially of the times that I can't remember anymore. I've begun to find out just how far back my memory problems go and frustratingly this doesn't seem to be the first gap I can place in my memory.

I can't keep babbling.

My point is whatever Ian saw or heard in that video he tried to delete or deleted entirely... it scared him, shook his faith judging by the tumblr post. Then that video goes up... and I can hear myself calling out his name, telling him to run. I don't understand it and cannot offer you a source for this audio. One can only assume that that hard drive holds something important. Or at least that's what I assumed. So I decided to turn the tables on him or Him or whoever I actually have to worry about. I made some phone calls and got Ian's address. He's a senior in high school this year so I knew he'd be out of the house during the day and his parents work. I hitched a ride to that side of town and I hated being back there.

After a fair amount of walking I came to his street but was unpleasantly surprised when I tried to survey the house. Namely, he lives next door to a cop. A middle of the day entrance was going to be unlikely. I could have gone to Rick's and met up with him and Brian, maybe even asked Brian to go with me. But the last time I was there things were awkward. I wasn't about to repeat it if I could avoid it.

I could have gone to Dan's but no one's hung with him in a while so I thought it would be awkward too, so I went to a friend of mine from a different circle of friends entirely. Her mother tolerated my presence at the house and she didn't seem to mind either. That night I left walking and spent a lot of time sitting behind an old gas station. Suffice it to say it was a bit fucking spooky, but I had to wait for the night to get calm before I tried what I was going to try.

I dialed Ian's house number from the payphone and when his father answered I told a little fib. Basically I told them a relative had been in a nasty accident and wasn't expected to make it, pretending to be a doctor. What I neglect to mention is that from the back of the gas station I could watch Ian's driveway, though only barely. Sure enough, the only car they owned left. Without a way of knowing who was in it I had no way to know if the place would be empty.

At least, not until I got closer. Surely with news like that anyone left in the house would be up.

When I got there it was completely dark in the house. I thought for sure that they had all gone. I walked right up onto the porch and checked all the usual places for a spare key, finally finding a small black box in a bush near the porch and using it to get inside. The house was still in fact pitch black inside. My cell phone lit the way for me. The bad news is that I've never been inside Ian's house before... to my knowledge. I managed to get through the front room without making any noise and to that end didn't shut the front door entirely.

I went through a doorway that looked like it might lead into a hall. On my left was a wall and straight ahead seemed to be another room, so I turned right, bringing my phone around. It took everything I had not to scream. The light showed a form at the end of the hall and knew what it was. Ian was still as a statue, a baseball bat in his right hand, pointed toward the ground. Panicking I felt for a light switch and when light flooded the hall way I could see his pale, drawn face. It was really, very unlike what I remembered seeing in the halls and on occasion talking to.

He didn't talk, but that didn't matter because I was scared shitless. All I could see were the whites of his eyes and he had begun moving toward me at no slow pace. I turned and ran through the doorway intot he room I hadn't been in and strangely enough the light came on in there as well.

Have you ever felt the fight or flight response fail? It all went so normal at first, I froze in reaction and then the adrenaline started pumping but almost just as quick I started feeling weak, dizzy, fluttery and at the same time I was staring at the mosr horrifying sight I had ever seen and it made me want to scream .Something stopped me, something held my tongue.

The Slenderman was there, pressed up against the ceiling of the room I had just walked into. Leading from him to the ground and the wall were what looked like inky, black tentacles that had hardened into something resembling legs of their own. He was angry. He fell on me and it was a crushing weight. Pain ripped through my back, so much pain that it's unbearable to sit or stand or lay right now and I would think it rebroken if the pain were not less, if I wasn't able to stand and walk and even run shakily under my own power. They told me I wasn't able to walk stand right after the fall.

But it hurt. The tentacles softened and they began to envelope me. They were cold... slimy, strong. Its lack of face pressed right up against my actual face. I was touching its pale dead feeling skin. It reminded me of the cold to the touch skin that I last felt.... well never mind that. My heartbeat only picked up and my chest had trouble expanding and contracting under the constriction and my eyes slammed shut as it pressed its head against mine.

It felt as if somethig fell off of its head or its nonface and landed on mine but I found nothing and there was nothing to be able to do that. It just squeezed tighter and it seemed that the more it did so the more and more terrified I became and the more cold I became until finally I just blacked out.

That, according to this clock, was two hours ago. Now I'm laying here on my own bed somehow My clothers are torn and twisted and ruined but I woke beneath my covers. My head hurts and I cannot stop shivering. My eyes don't want to focus, glasses or not so I'm trusting only my hands which have worked across a keyboard day in and day out for years. My stomach is churning and I've had to run to the bathroom to vomit twice now... which sucks when I haven't eaten for 36 hours. What's really scary is the pain.

Not just my back but my arms. The fact that I'm in enough pain on other parts of my body that my back has not overrulled all of them astounds me.

I'm afraid to take a close look for injuries. I want to get back under my covers and get warm and hide But the thing is... my window cover has been taken down. The wall scroll I was using in place of a curtain. So as I lay here, I'ms taring right out into the dark night. I hope that I don't see that thing pressing its face against my window.

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