Thursday, July 28, 2011


You'll get no truth from Ian Promethean. I've collected my thoughts and I know what to do now, in the absence of any advice from Cymbu I will follow my instinct.

The clip you all saw last night of me being ill and going into my room to hide is real.

But I don't remember it.

And furthermore, the date that Ian Promethean put on it cannot be right. He's trying to make people distrust me.

Think, people... Keith claims he got the DVD containing some messed up version of that clip MONTHS before the date Ian Promethean would have you think it was. I don't know if Keith is with IP or how IP got that clip when I don't remember the event at all, but there it is.

Ian Promethean will give you no truth. Unless he's a time traveler who magically brought data back months from July 20th, then that's not possible. I will say this... and this is a decision I'm making on my own....

I have NOT been completely truthful. I've told you what I could and what you needed to know.

What you see in that video is me carrying a letter and a folder over to my dresser.

The problem with that is that I have no such folder. Everything I have, is digital. Yes it means I have things. But I don't understand them or know what to make of them.. and the fact is... someone took them the night I ran out chasing Promethean. On top of that, the main storage account has been taken over, I presume by him. I have nothing and I never got to read it in any depth. I know a lot of surface stuff that has me confused and that I do not believe.

So yes, I lied.

But you will find no truth with him.

If you don't trust me, trust your right thinking mind. Keith could not have been shown video from July back in May. 

The thing I don't understand is.. why don't I remember this, and why am I walking without my brace or my walker? If this was between February and May... i should be wearing a brace. 

Now that he has all of this information and I know he does and you know he does, he might expose it. But he'll expose it to benefit him... and in the same stroke he's putting Cymbu in danger... and I haven't heard from Cymbu in days now.


  1. So, wait - you KNOW it was IP you were chasing the night your place was broken into?

    And what happened to you in Feb that put you in a brace?

    We need some more info, Mark.. I've lost track of what the big conspiracy is.

  2. In February, I had a fall on the ice, hit my head and my back. That's what I'm told anyway. Whatever it was that made me fall, my spine was fractured.

  3. I trust you, Mark. Whatever I can do to help, just holler.