Sunday, July 31, 2011

On: Keith. Also, On: James.

The more I read the less I think he's a troll. But I want to make this very clear.

I do not know him.

I have never known him.

I do not trust him.

I do not intend to be his friend.

The best case scenario? Allies. And I don't think on any grand scale.

He mentioned in his last email to me about two hours ago that some one suggested we work together.

I have no intent to work with him. I don't know why IP or whoever sent him this. I don't give a shit.

This is not me being angry with anybody.

This is me saying once and for all that I do not like the idea of any more contact with this guy if I can avoid it.

Moving on. I'm not sure if someone is playing a joke on me so what I'm going to do is try to wake up early enough tomorrow or today and call James' mother.


  1. A few of us talked to him for quite a while tonight. If you find out this isn't a joke, he can be a very valuable ally. I wasn't there for the synchtube thing, I don't know everything that happened. No one is going to force you two to work together, but please don't write him off when you do need him (should that ever happen).

  2. I wrote him off. Whatever's going on with him, it's for him to handle. My father's beginning to notice something is wrong. Rich (who we jokingly referred to as Dick) won't stop asking questions and now out of the fucking blue here comes Quinn emailing me about James. If those messages were supposed to be from me and James then I have to make some phone calls.

    All of this adds up to me putting the rest of my life on hold in many ways. I can't handle his problems too. If he has them.

  3. I am sorry about that :/ That this is disrupting so much of your life.