Saturday, July 30, 2011


I checked my old email account as I am wont to do once or twice a month. Turns out some time around my birthday, I got an email from a friend from high school. There are some slight... how should I say this... issues with my memory. I think I've actually touched on this before, but back in February I took a fall on the ice. I somehow managed to break fracture a vertebrae vertically down the length of it, a clean break, and crack my head. I woke up from the fall with enormous pain that I immediately self medicated with the pretty green button they had in my reach and huge memory gaps, and I do mean huge. I never did get to tell Brian about those...

I've never realized it, but I have gaps in my memories from my high school years as well. None anywhere near as severe and I think for very different reasons. I won't say full out repression due to mental issues, but I'd definitely say that I /ignored/ much of my life during that time and just tried to stay afloat. I definitely remember one thing... though it is blurry, a friend of mine back in high school moved away senior year. I never learned why and I never really heard from him again despite trying to call him after he first moved.

But here he is e-mailing me.

His message:

"Keeping a promise to a friend of ours. I've been watching your online activity and I found your blog. Mention this message and I'll contact you again."

So here it is... maybe it's time to start getting some answers? Or how about just another mystery.


  1. I think it will be a mixture of both. Some answers and some mystery.

  2. Dropping in to see how you are doing.