Sunday, July 31, 2011

Email pt. 2

This raises more questions... just like I expected.

Mark, I typed these up from cell phone photographs. It's taken a long time to get them readable for you, but thankfully you've been utterly clueless for the longest time. The pictures are gone now, but that's alright. They aren't necessary. They're between yourself and James. It's probably smart that you share them with at least Brian.

I'm not getting involved in it again. The things I've had to do to avoid what's happened to you guys... and I've had to do it twice. You don't know how much money or what kind of favors it's cost me. Especially the last time. This is a promise to James. I'm hoping you're smarter now and will know what not to do.

It's not looking so good.

Oh and the more you flounder around on that little blog of yours about how you 'don't understand what's happening' it makes you look less trustworthy and more suspicious. You and I both know you're telling the truth, but we're not the only ones who matter this time. You had to go and involve others. What in the hell you were thinking not listening to Brian I'll never know.

Did not clean up the grammar or change anything.


I still don't know if we're playing into his hands by doing this, but if it's as simple as sliding a letter through a vent, then I'd rather do it than talk and risk being overheard. Really tired Mark. I think I'm going to give it a rest. I've been in here for a couple of days longer than you. I'm starving. I'm so tired and I don't know what's going to happen to him if we don't get out... but I don't know if I can. You might have to make a break for it on your own.

you're a jackass. Not leaving you alone here and fuck you for suggesting it. Thats my friend your talking about. Bunch up and be ready. They're just locked doors. In the morning when we know we're both awake we can try to kick them open. Break the frame. I'm supposed to be the pessimist.

Are you up


Feel any better

not really

that means we can't wait. run for the back door and go straight through the woods its close to a road

how do you know that

I have ears. Tell me when you've read this. Then go. If I get out I'll come help you with yours but if you get out and I dont dont look back. Go get help

your a jackass mark


That's it. Mark... if you're really as clueless as you claim, why don't you try calling James' mom up to try to talk to him. If you find Brian... tell him I said to take care of himself. If you hear from me again it means He found me. Either it's a last message or I'm under his control. I don't care which. Just don't try to find me or I'll fucking kill you.



  1. Wow. Is this between you and Quinn, this conversation?

  2. I don';t think so. I think he's saying this was between me and James. But I don't remember a fucking word of it.

    I need to post a short post.

  3. It's not impossible that it was too traumatic to remember, it might not be the bump on the head or something.

  4. Pardon my stupid, but who is James? Trying to keep up.

  5. Just another friend from high school. It's a bit disconcerting how names are coming out of the woodwork and everyone and their brother seem to have a hand in whatever this is. I'm beginning to suspect a huge practical joke.