Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Soviet Russia...

Last night and again tonight I've experienced trouble sleeping. Last night I stayed up until seven this morning and crashed until noon. Tonight, we're pushing 3 AM and I'm still going strong. Five hours is not good for me. I'm looking for something to do, too. I'm bored as hell and I swear if I listen to Morgan Freeman talking about the universe, time, or black holes one more time tonight, I'm going to ram my foot through the television.

Whatever, tomorrow I'm going on a walk. I might even take a couple pictures! That'd be awesome.

On a related note, got a prank letter in the mail today. The envelope outside said it was from someone in Georgia who I didn't know, but once I opened it up, there was a smaller envelope in it, covered in letters that I recognize but can't read. Russian. I opened that envelope up and it was a fucking chain letter in poor-ass English. What a fucking waste of time. I wish I had a scanner, I'd put it up online to make it the poster child for why we need more ESL teachers. Fuck.

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