Friday, December 30, 2011

More to come

I've found the video Mark was talking about a couple posts back. I've been resisting posting it simply because it means that I'll have no reason to not post another video, one I was shooting for my own protection. It will show you what happened, what really happened, despite some fuckups in the video.

The first video will be of the night of the crash. It does not cover the crash but it answers a couple questions.
The second one will show you just how Mark received his wound.

I'll do this when I can be in the same place long enough.

I don't know how Mark is doing. I don't know how Dan is doing. I don't know if Mark's plan came to fruition and I should be worried about Quinn.

I am too far away now to even guess.

Do Svidaniya

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm sorry

I think you all deserve to read this. This is a blurb from a local news article written this morning, December 23rd. I have to say this about reporters… they fuckin’ work fast.

“Upon inspection of the noises, Pastor Daniels found a local man, Marcus Gregory Jones, 21, unconscious inside. Early reports indicated the local resident was found draped over the massive piano as if laid there. Jones, who attended the church he was found in as a child, was a family friend of Daniels and a friend of his son. Jones was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound though no weapon was found on site. The crash the pastor reported hearing was identified as the shattering of a window at the back of the building.

“I still remember Mark from sleepovers with my son,” Daniels says, adding, “I think he was in trouble and maybe came here because it felt safe and familiar. My prayers go out to he and his family.” He also informed us that, “I’m curious about a great many things, why he is in this mess to begin with for one thing and why he broke the window after getting inside. ” The pastor concedes that it could have simply been an accident and has visited Jones in the hospital saying that Jones is in good spirits despite what must be an untimely injury.

Jones, who is now in stable condition but unwilling to speak to the press, was in the news last February when he discovered the body of a close friend, one James Frank, less than two miles from home. Frank and another friend of theirs one Quinn Parks had been missing for close to a month beforehand. He was questioned in relation to Mr. Frank’s death and the disappearance of Parks though never declared a suspect. Parks, 23, is still missing and the death of James Frank, though ruled a homicide by the county coroner’s office, has never been explained.

Jones’ wound has not been explained and as the ongoing investigation unfolds it is unclear if a suspect will be named in his shooting but Pastor Larry Daniels has refused to press charges on Jones for breaking and entering. “

It would be selfish of me not to wish you a happy holidays just because I am miserable.

С Рождеством Христовым.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is it, I think, I think.

One after another, time and time again I've had chances at life taken away from me and friends taken too. Sometimes as in death, sometimes alienation. He messes with our heads, with our emotions, with our memories. He turns us against each other. Sometimes my friends become his pawns... sometimes they're just stupid. Sometimes they're assholes. And sometimes I know and sometimes I don't know. Quinn was my friend but he did something both assholish and stupid and he can't tell anyone why he did it. It's time he realizes just what he helped happen.

Quinn told Brian he wasn't in control of his actions... and I've been there too. I have a vague recollection of the night that Brian, Jon, Ian and I wrecked. I believe Brian's story about that night... and I saw a video clip which I cannot seem to find anymore that I was recording when this all began. Something was wrong with me and because of it my friends were hurt, none killed this time. I'll never know exactly what I did or what I was made to do to them. Since then I've at times remembered and at times forgotten. I THOUGHT that it was my medication making me able to... I don't know, bypass whatever It did to me, but now I know that my medication had nothing to do with it. It was taunting me. It wanted me to know.

It's done this to my friends before and now I've lost so much.


Ken's gone on to live a normal happy life. He has no clue about the Slenderman but when I told him about it he would think I was crazy until we split ways when I was twelve.

Mary moved away when someone broke into her family's home and hurt her. I know who it was though, because she was my neighbor and had been seeing It, too. She doesn't remember. We were thirteen.

It left me alone for so long except for the occasional appearance and taunting myself and my friends who could look and see. We became adults but we didn't grow up. My friend went off into the military where he put his experience to work for the powers that be. But I was left holding several broken pieces and unfinished puzzles and finally, mercifully it was ME who forgot things. Of course I had to bust my skull and back open to be granted the honor that James, Ian, Brian, Mary, Ken and Jon got to enjoy.

I can only survive if I can trust the people who know and I can't trust Quinn right now because he's never seen this thing himself. He's seen videos, he's read accounts of it... but he's never experienced it and if he actually WAS controlled by this thing... he needs to. If he wasn't and he did what he did intentionally, even to keep us safe or lure it in to kill it or whatever reason he may have... then he DESERVES to see it finally.

Less than thirty hours.

Brian had it right in his last post. Short of physically restraining me... there is nothing left that he can do to stop this. When the worst moment us upon us I'm going to be offering this Tall Motherfucker something he can't refuse. Quinn, untainted, ready for exposure to It. Because one way or another, I will never again be held prisoner by someone who claimed to call me friend.

Stop me if you have the convictions, CYMBU, because we both know that the time has come for me to make my stand. If you stop me it could mean the end for you, for me, for my father and my dogs... maybe for everyone I know that It has touched.


I've written and handed off letters to a friend who knows to send them to Ian, Jon, Dan and Jess if something happens to me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

All good and chill.

This is Mark and I have in fact been given control of my accounts back. It's actually eerie and I wonder if maybe Brian's not just trying to throw me off guard. I might edit together a video or so but there's nothing to tell that I can't tell through text. I've had a very cold time lately. Very cold indeed. It started less than pleasant with a kidnapping of a sort... and then I decided to stay gone. I didn't want Brian breathing down my neck while I try to figure this all out.

I have to give Quinn a taste of what he did to us. Whether he meant to or not, whether he was himself or not, whatever. I've been trying to figure out how to do this. I've been back a few times since I left but usually only when I knew the house was empty. It's good to see my dogs taken care of and I was glad to notice my friend and father seemed well enough. I was trying to get in touch with some people online during one of these times... when I was contacted by someone else dealing with the Slender Man, or of course, The Tall Fucker.

Apparently it has personally left them relatively alone other than knocking one of his friends out. On the other hand it seems to have an angry little fanboy who claims to have several kills to his name and that fanboy isn't leaving him alone at all. I had a pleasant though disturbing enough conversation with him before I had to leave again. It took me a while but in our initial correspondence I figured out enough to find his youtube channel.

Josh seems like a stand up guy... if not as fatalistic as I used to be. I probably would be the same if I didn't have a plan.

You can call it what Brian does and call it cowardice, say I'm throwing a friend under the bus to get away from It. But I know the truth, nothing will make it leave me alone in the end and the trick is just to keep going,. As for the bit about throwing a friend under the bus... well, Quinn's no friend of mine.

Not until he understands.

Not until he apologizes.

He did this. I don't care why.

He did this.

I've looked in on Ian and Jon. Dan and Jess are still clueless, they're the lucky ones. Ian and Jon know just enough to wonder what to do. Ian's safe for now though... no one's bothered him. Nothing's bothered him.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mark has in fact resurfaced, finally. I guess he had a good thanksgiving but by the sounds of things ate at a soup kitchen. He met me while I was out getting some food the other night. Which WAS dangerous in a town this size but... I had to stretch my legs. Took his camera back and just sort of went to sit in the car. He's been quiet since but we talked just enough for him to explain what he's planning. And he's right... there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Short of stopping him.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mark update, or more, lack of update.

Mark is still somehow conspicuously missing. I don't have any answers though I've noticed things around the house going missing which makes me think he may be coming back. The thing is I haven't left the house in a week now. In the position I am I can't really go out very often. I've started to give his father money to have groceries delivered here. It's ridiculous but I really don't have a choice. I just realized something while looking at a map of the area. all of this seems to happen in woods. The woods behind his grandmothers' house is decent sized. The woods down the street? Much, much larger. I'm wondering if that is perhaps where he took the footage on the camera's internal memory.

Which reminds me that I haven't uploaded it to the computer, much less the youtube yet.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hip hip! HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Mark.

I'm being very naughty.

You see. For a while now I've been back in the privacy of my own home... with a house guest and one very confused father. My dearest friend is blackmailing me because he wants to stop me from doing something... and its all for my own good. If I make any move he doesn't like... he'll tell my family just what's been going on and what I have and haven't done. Some lies have been told about me.

One of the rules is absolutely no internet until he thinks I'm 'better' or 'calmer' depending on what mood he is the day I ask. But he just left the house when he thought I had taken my head shrink prescribed meds and gone to sleep. He left me behind his computer which IS signed into all of my accounts. This one included. I decided I'd stored up a lot of videos and needed to share them with the world. Apologies for the length, after all I don't have time to upload several consecutively. For now it's going up on Driest Humor. Next time I get to a computer it will be cross posted over to my new channel... because again, I don't know when I'll get my accounts back. They've been passed around by people who feel they have the right to take them without my permission.

It COULD be a while.

Late night Halloween I was very, very drunk.

I mean very.

I thought for sure I'd spend the night wallowing in my own anger and self pity... I do hate that day and have all the reason to... but you see, while I was wallowing I was making plans... plans that are now not to come to fruition because I was stopped.

Or so he thinks.

I'll know when its time, Brian.

I'll do what must be done.

Man's justice won't fix this... and I don't believe that any God that does exist actually delivers justice.

I'm going to avoid both of those routes and just...



He had no right, even if he thought it was for the best, to hold us against our will and what in the fuck excuse justifies depriving us of food and water or justifies SHOOTING AT US? Then, he has the balls to ask Jon to let him hide out behind the ruins of his old house? Really!?

I don't want Quinn dead... no.

I want him to experience what every last one of us have felt BUT him. I want him to suffer the same fate as the rest of us and then I want his apology, face to face. Not just for keeping James and I locked up, but for SLANDER. He actually accused me of holding that girl and her father at knife point. Do I strike you as the type to hold a knife to a teenage girl half my size and a blind man?

I don't know what you fucking believe, because you're keeping me here like a criminal.

I FLEW, Brian. I FLEW to get answers. When I saw the empty house, I broke in to look for them and there were none. When I went to the apartment in Berlin, I held no weapons. I walked in, I told them who I was and asked them to tell me everything they could. They refused.

I got heated.

I yelled.

I fucking apologized and left.

Did I cross lines?


I went to Quinn's parents and told them a lie to get them to help me out. Hell, I would have gone to yours except we both know how they feel about the dirty long-haired queer their son hangs out with.

This stopped being an explanation and turned into a rant. I don't know how long I have until you get home but I swear will lock this laptop in my room with me until that video's done uploading.

About this blog's background image.

It's flattering, don't you think?

Monday, October 31, 2011

I woke up to the sound of someone in my room. I opened my eyes and Mark was standing there at the foot of my bed, looking down at me. It was pure reaction that made me yank the gun out from under my pillow. It was some crazy fear that made me pull the trigger. As I squeezed, he raised one finger, as if to tell me to wait, but that was just not happening.

That damn earsplitting bang was all I could hear. But he didn’t fall, stumble back, or even act like he’d been shot. The bullet didn’t hit him. The bullet never made it. It hung right there in front of that raised finger like a hovering aircraft, defying logic, gravity and physics in general. Mark just started laughing. But not me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, I was half expecting to feel piss streaming down my thighs.

But then I realized my mouth was closed and the screaming wasn’t coming from me. That bullet wasn’t a living thing. It had no nose, mouth, vocal chords, but IT was screaming. IT WAS SCREAMING. He drew a half circle in the air with that finger and following it, the bullet spun around, facing me. The point dulled and rounded and then it was the whole bullet, until all that was left was a little sphere of metal hanging there, no longer pointing at anything.

And then I woke the hell up in my bed and couldn’t get to sleep.

So here I am.

I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this.

I’ve changed my mind, I have plans tonight.

Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Night

I'm starting to get very worried about Halloween Night. With the exposure of that and the stuff Quinn has been saying, I'm wondering if I will have to stop something big from happening but I don't know where or how.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dotta said...

If it's not Proxism...?

How are you doing since posting this?

He's either pissed or insane.

I've gone to check in on Ian. He seems genuinely clueless as to what's going on. Hell he barely remembered me. Jon and I talked and I told both Jon and Ian that Mark wasn't right in the head, he's been up to something and probably should be regarded suspiciously.

I've got some bad news too.

Either Mark or Quinn has installed some sort of program on this hard drive. Everything is locked.

As for me, I have nowhere I can safely go. I can't make a spectacle of myself and get my superiors in trouble and I'm a walking fucking target for the Slenderman.

Man... if Jon knew what Quinn was doing.

I know you all reading this must be really damned confused but really all the clarification I can give right now is that things are messed up. If I say too much I put one or more of my friends in danger.

I think I know what Mark is up to... but I wonder if he realizes the dangers involved.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is Wrong.

I didn't know just how fucked up my world was until last night after my last post. New knowledge changes everything. I can't go back to Indiana right now and I can't stay with Quinn anymore. If I do, it will almost certainly end in violence.

I know who killed James, now.

What I don't know is who I can trust or how much truth I heard last night.

I'll give you all a dose of truth now though.

On January 29th, 2011 I went AWOL for the first time in my military career and returned to the states because I was asked to come and check back up on my best friend by Quinn. I met up with Quinn and realized he was terrified and angry. I spent a few days bumming around town and on the 5th of February I showed up at Mark's house. He was carrying a box in his hands and looked sick as a dog and freezing too. I opened the door as he approached his house, which I'd never been to before that day. He started to scream at me. In the process he lost his balance and fell.

I yelled out for his neighbor and then hid inside. The ambulance came and got him and I went to see Quinn. He was angry as hell still, and I was beginning to think that had become everyone's default mode. After taking him north, I left again and returned to Russia. I knew about James being dead and I didn't want to stick around. I was upset. I pretended to be clueless and wrote Mark a get well letter and did my job.

But I kept waiting and waiting and finally I wrote him another letter, this time in badly emulated Russian. Time and time again I sent the letter and got nothing back. I saw his blog and realized he was ignoring them. So this time, I kept the usual MO but wrote out a plain letter. And what's interesting is this time he PROPERLY REACTED but yet claimed the envelope was empty. I was upset as all hell.

We met up in our home town, and I drove him out to a friend's. My excuse that his home was too rural was bullshit. I didn't want to possibly trigger his memories of the day he fell because of how angry he was acting. The place we went was the area we used to live in and was far more rural. We talked all night and then I dropped him off at his house. Ian's business confused me. I didn't know all of what Quinn knows back then. But my focus was on staying away from Mark and observing him. He just kept getting weirder and weirder.

I didn't trust him anymore by the time the Slenderman attacked Mark and I's mutual friend and myself. It hurts like hell to say but I don't think he's himself anymore.

Now I think I know why. When encountering the Slenderman many people are somehow swayed toward him, either through voices in their heads or their dreams or just some desire to use his presence for whatever ends they have. But they act more like Ian did, devoted to The Slenderman. Mark was clear, sane, all his actions were confusing but crystal clear.

The night of the two car accident I went to Mark's house to confront him. When I pulled up, I took some time going in through his storm door. Well, he was waiting for me when I did. He got the drop on me, which is surprising because he CANNOT fight. I must have hit my head because I blacked out. When I woke up I was in the back seat of Jon's car with Jon in the passenger seat. Jon was screaming and we were veering into on-coming traffic. The car in the opposite lane swerved off the road, into the ditch and hit a tree. We swerved off with it.

The official report will tell you Mark was found outside the other car like he was trying to help them. I don't know for sure what happened. I got out of the car as soon as it came to a stop, but Jon was dead silent and not moving in the front seat. Mark and I tusseled and I'm afraid I really did hurt his back. What I didn't know is that he was carrying a knife. It took about two cuts and the sound of police sirens before I got out of there.

What happened between then and when the cops arrived I don't know. All I know is that I ran into a wooded area right beside the crash site and when it was done, no one but Mark seemed to be able to remember the real situation. I think he played me, Jon, Ian, all of you.

I also have an inkling why he might be pissed off and it has nothing to do with being a so-called 'Proxy.' I've left Quinn's place with a lot of his stuff... actually a lot of Mark's stuff. I don't have a 'safe house' and I cannot go home. I've also made the executive decision that Quinn no longer has a right to post on this blog or control any of the accounts involved. I've changed the password to all of Mark's old accounts and Ian's as well. I hope none of you were attached to Quinn. I was until last night.

To any of Quinn's friends at this 'Connection.' I don't think you have any idea what kind of man is protecting you. It's best if you get away from him now. I don't like to be the one to have to do this. I'd like to say this started out as someone innocently blogging their thoughts and days and ended up as some sort of fucked up narrative but I'm not sure it wasn't really a fucked up narrative to begin with.

The night that I left Rick's place, Mark left us to die. He only came back toward us when I started to get loose and then was knocked away a little too easily. Like he actually didn't care. That's why I took Rick away. That's why I told him to play stupid for the rest of his life. I can only hope he listens. I'm going to make personal check ins on Ian and Jon and then I'm clueless.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Brian here.

Quinn has answered my questions to my satisfaction. I will be staying with him for now. Reports of myleaving the country were greatly falsified.

Need To Talk

Come Outside, Quinn.

Issues in Germany.

Two days ago, I recieved a long distance skype call from a friend in Germany. He was watching a pair of friends of mine, they were part of The Connection but had lost their memories of The Slenderman shortly after The Connection relocated them to Germany. We've relocated two pairs of people in The Connection to Germany lately so I had to ask a couple of friendlies to look in on them. The couple who had their Knowledge removed had a REALLY rough time figuring out what had happened to them, but apparently chose to remain where they were.

Two nights ago, we noticed someone staking out their home. As soon as that person was gone, we got them out of the house. As evening drew close last night, someone apparently broke into their house. Our eyes there have a description but it's absolutely fucking baffling. The same person apparently showed up at the other safehouse four hours ago and was chased off.

I don't know what to do now... because I no longer know who I can trust.

Something smells fishy.

I've decided to let you draw your own conclusions about this person:

Last night a man climbed through a broken bottom window pane on a storm door, and opened the unlocked backdoor of safehouse one. The occupants were mid renovation and had taken down most of the curtains so our own eyes on the site were able to observe the man go through the house for about a minute and a half and realize that it was utterly empty, then come back out. After which he stood for quite a while behind the house.

Four hours ago, he apparently broke into safe house two and held a man and his daughter who lived there at knife point, trying to get phone numbers for The Connection out of them. When asked why he was doing it, the man said it was 'to force the truth to out.'

The description of this man as I was given it is as follows:

White male between the ages of 18-25, large in build and average in height, long red hair and a thick beard, dark rimmed glasses, a dark shirt and jeans. He walked with a slight hunch but looked entirely confident in his actions. They believe he was carrying something with him the whole time but they're not sure what it was and didn't want to approach in case it was a gun.

Draw your own conclusions. I'm beginning to draw mine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've just gotten word that another friend has passed away. You will be missed. Even with the discovery that Matt still lives, I cannot help but think this is all in vain.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mark the date.

Punny title aside...

The countdown on the page when I took over was set to expire on September 30th.

Is that what I forgot?


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ana and Kata

when i was a young teen i read a lot of fiction

one such story was about a boy who figured out that the uncle who raised him was in charge of protecting another dimension, the 2nd dimension though for some reason the boy wandered into the fourth dimension and while there learned to turn his body in directions we cannot fathom but simply name and theorize. ana and kata.

ana and kata

ana and kata

i'm so tired but i had to post here while i could think

haven't you forgotten something quinn

Still... please.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frustrations, really. Frustrations.


To this Cenobia girl:

You will not reach me by phone. Forget you have my phone number, destroy the phone. Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on your posts, too. IF our friend is okay, he would be pissed to find you sticking your nose in this. Pull it out and go about your merry. Same for the other one, Mr. Pity Party. This is not your fight.

I'm giving you the time of day only because of our mutual friend. If his neighbor is right, I'll hear from him again the moment he is safe. If the man is wrong, neither of us will never hear from him again. NOTHING YOU DO OR SAY WILL CHANGE THAT. Do you understand that?

Every time I surface for even seconds, my phone spews about voice mails and missed messages from you. You're becoming more than an annoyance and are now a hindrance. Get out of there now. I have no more ties in that area that can help you if you step into something too big to handle. If you've read this blog you have an idea what's going on and if you think my friends and I are crazy then GOOD. Stay with that thought and turn your back and leave. Your boyfriend has already brushed too closely with the demon that haunts dear Matt and most of my other friends too. He is marked. If he learns too much, looks too far in then only luck will protect you from the same fate as the rest.

That is all I have to say to you. Leave and quit, now.

NOW. On to things more relative to this blog.

M. (Not to be confused with the man mentioned above) is confusing me. The events depicted in his most recent video are disturbing as hell, not to mention not conducive with what he's hinted before. He's so clear headed... and so sure of what he's doing despite being clueless. What's more, his apparent willingness to mention his feelings toward Halloween, or at least hint at them, is out of character.

I don't know what he expects I can do about it anyway. I cannot come to him.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just fucking grand.

People following ancient ties and digging their own graves. Great. Now I have to warn off a pair of people who know too much before they meet the fate my friend and theirs did. If he's still alive, when I find him I'm going to kick his ass.

Right, also? Twitch. I don't know what to say about it.

Not to be heartless, again, but M's videos now seem to be distractions from the real issue. But the issue is mine and mine alone, and I'm writing this on HIS blog so I guess it's smart of me to keep you updated. It was an abrupt ending but that makes plenty of sense I guess if he's having issues.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


As heartless as this might sound I don't advise you to watch these they're long and mostly seem to be disjointed storytelling. I can only confirm minor details but we'll have to take his word. It's sad that we can't be entirely sure when this was shot, either.

Here's what bothers me about these videos beyond the possibility that they have been recently shot: when M falls at the end... what is his dog looking at? She stands up, and instead of moving away from him as if scared or turning toward him, she's facing away.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Those posts would have been made while he was hospitalized.

Monday, September 12, 2011

In where?

I was telling you that I looked into what M said about 'Mark Still In Here with a slash in front of it.'

Well, I didn't lie.

This is an exchange myself and a user had in the comments section of my last post here.

Dotta said...
Is there anything we can do to help? I've grown fond of M, to be honest, he seems like a good guy. School is limiting a bit what I can do. Was it something like /markinherestill like would be a computer address, or was it too hard to tell over the phone?
September 12, 2011 2:22 AM

Driest Humor said...
That was precisely what I thought and I've finally had the time to look into it. What I found was less than... comforting.
September 12, 2011 3:54 AM

Dotta said...
That doesn't bode well :/
September 12, 2011 5:31 PM

Well, Dotta, you're damned right.

I want your guys' opinions, because I have NO answers. None.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So, I'm a bit behind

It hit me I didn't tell you what came of the phone call with M... and that I have no reason not to.

I called M and he was in the hospital room with his father at the time. He was very drowsy and drugged. As soon as he sent his father out of the room he kept asking what was going on, he told me he had written something down next to my name.

'Information Cannot Be Destroyed'


"Mark In Here Still with a slash in front of it."

I took video of the phone call, but I've misplaced it I guess. It's not big anyway.

The last thing he said to me is... 'I remember things sometimes.' He began acting strangely right before that.

Obviously I had the same hunch you have, but I've spent all my time working on coordinating a safehouse for a very pissed off teenage girl and her half-blind schizophrenic stepfather. Not to mention I just had another go silent on me, this one of my closest friends.

As much as I have to take a look into what this might mean, I have to help others too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No valid title comes to mind.

This background appeared without explanation. It's really kind of creepy when you look at it.

I talked to M on Tuesday through the telephone. I'll tell you what was said some other time... I honestly don't have the time right now because I honestly just woke up and I've got to get back to work so to speak. I don't have the original background of this blog on my computer and don'
t have anything to change it to... so I don't intend to change it right now.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fuck?

I logged onto my computer. I did what I always do and started checking the few taps I have and instantly one of them caught my eye. M's. He had a video editing program loaded up. And he saved a video from it. And then maybe four... five minutes later, he typed a clear coherent phrase. 'But I Wasn't The Same' and then 'QUINN.'

I'm going to call his hospital room tonight.

In unrelated news, user named Astartus asked: Do you have any idea what caused you to remember the past incidents instead of forgetting them? And also, do you have a backup, some safe information storage in case you SHOULD forget suddenly?

As I said to him? I'm where the Slenderman can't reach me and the military wouldn't be able to find me.

As for a back up of my information? Well I now have an external hard drive to save onto. I've got my computer. I've got my brain... and I have people I can entrust information to. The same people who trust me with theirs.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Way I hear it, M and Jo. will be released from the hospital on Wednesday. Ia seems to be being kept longer. No idea why.

I have nothing else to tell you relating to M and our other friends. The sad fact is that for about five months now they've had no part of my life. Recently I've clearly had to look in on them but my life now extends beyond just them and I can honestly say things are not going well. B's whereabouts may not be known to anyone but his superiors, but I have thirteen friends whose current whereabouts are known to no one and six more who are scared and almost as deep (ha ha) in hiding as me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mysteries mysteries.

I was woken again by the mysteries of all of this and I feel like if I'm going to take control of this, I can at least... use it.

This thing B and M have been speaking of, the one that is similar to but not The Slenderman boggled my mind the moment I read about it. It's been a long time since one of them contributed anything new to my information, anyway. I've read up a few theories on what this thing is and what it can do. It has similarities to the Slenderman and at a distance might even look rather similar to it, if you would trust the few reports of people claiming to have seen it.

But the original report of it and one other I have received second hand report that it contains this strange ability to stretch and distort itself as if it were... a whisp of smoke or something. It's hard to say, but if you've ever seen any of the photos of this thing... you'd understand what I mean.

The Slenderman is a physical being.

This thing is not.

I have been able to find, discounting the original sighting of it back in February when all of the shit had just finished hitting the fan for us, two more reports of sightings of it. Actually, three if you believe B had an encounter with it. The effects were described by the one that was up close were similar to those I've heard about close encounters with the Slenderman. But there is no suit, there are no tentacles. And in fact, that close one claimed that it had a face, or perhaps formed a face, or somehow gave off the implication of a face, but its form was literally blurred, so they could make no distinguishing features out.

But the feelings of terror, the illness, the mental unease and even the failings of electronic devices matched up perfectly.

I don't know what this thing is or if it's something we have to worry about but it stands to reason that if there is one monster in the world then maybe, just maybe, there are others.

Mysteries fucking abound though, don't they?

What is with this strange activity on M's computer? It's just concerning enough I'd visit him at the hospital if I could. I can't make heads or tails of it. By all accounts he seems to know nothing and yet sometimes his computer will begin running things that would suggest that's not true. Before I started typing this, I sat down in my computer chair and checked the information I had been fed. A few hours ago, he posted something, somewhere on the internet. It was gibberish and it's so hard to shift through all the excess information fed that looking at it and trying to figure out it is beyond me.

Maybe his medication is too strong or he's having some sort of side effect. I don't know. I've heard of sleep walking, and I know under certain drugs you can do all kinds of things without actually being conscious. Especially if there is a bad mixture.

Mysteries fucking abound.

Three and a half years ago there was a fire that burnt down a cabin belonging to a friend of mine. His father and little brother were in it at the time. His brother got out. His father did not. His father died unconscious in his bed. It was tragic and unexplained. They suspected first him, but he had a rock hard alibi. That being that he was at a frat party doing keg stands. Lots of people saw him.

They accused his little brother next of being a disturbed child who murdered his own father. Their mother had a conniption and no evidence was ever found that allowed them to blame the child. It didn't help him though, that he told stories of being lead out of the house by a man in a dark suit... a very tall man without a face.

Mysteries fucking abound.

And they wake me out of a dead sleep sometimes.

Oh well. It's time to start my day anyway. I've got to do a little bit of tidying up. Which is alright... there's not much to clean. Though this one is rather large all things considered. It was built for a family of three to be able to stand living in it for two weeks after all, and upgraded, even expanded upon once or twice. All things considered it's not so surprising I've managed to stay here for the better part of seven months.

Time to get cleaning and then contact those who've gone silent and hope that just this once, one of them turn up and say, 'It was just a connection problem.'

But I won't hold my breath.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How do I not find time in the day?

During my day I walk the same 35 steps hours upon hours on end. I watch videos and read text... I monitor three different peoples computers through illegal programs. Somehow I didn't find time today to go on this blog and take down the old posts. I'm about to go to sleep and it occurred to me that there was some interesting activity from M's computer. Just like after he took that fall and they gave him the laptop to keep his brain occupied all night. But its different. He keeps opening and closing video editing programs and he IS loading youtube. But I can't find evidence of him recording videos at all. I have not changed his passwords, if he were doing something there would be evidence.

Not Happening.

Call me Quinn.

I have rescued this blog and backed it up. 

The original posts will remain for about a week then I'll take each of them down. You might recall me, being mentioned by M. Yes. In order to make it less likely the prior users tied to this blog and others stay out of trouble, I will not use their full names. Once upon a time B (or Cymbu as he was once called) connected me with many of his allies and friends. I've used them to do a lot over the last few days, plenty of it is illegal and these men and women risked their careers and lives in the name of returning favors to B.

Here is what is in my possession:

All of M's accounts that have ever connected to this whole mess.
All of B's accounts connected to this particular... shall we say... instance.
All of Ia's accounts linked to this.
M's missing hard drive, a CD, a flash drive, and a piece of paper containing a few passwords. Oddly enough I also have a file in my possession... the file that M denied ever existing despite it being on camera. There's a reason for that, he simply didn't remember it. I just find it odd that someone would store this in the same place. Anyway, all of this was recovered by Military Police from I's home.

Here is what I know:

  1. B. Ia. Ja. and myself have been involved in a recurring game over the last six years. When it gets too serious... somehow we always lose our memories of it, and all evidence is taken away. Except the last time... I discovered what was happening and that it had happened before and once Ja. passed away and M was injured, B stuck overseas, I went into hiding. I've since recovered a lot of information put together by all of us that had been taken or hidden or nearly deleted.
The Slenderman has shown the capability to damage memories in the past... but it looks like he's not the only one messing with peoples heads in this way.

B. has returned to his former work, but he is not in Russia anymore. Where he is right now, I don't know. Neither my independent sources nor the ones he once introduced me to have any clue. M. believes he sustained new head and back injuries due to car accident and is currently heavily drugged in a local hospital. When you're this high up, apparently you can convince anyone of anything. I have been monitoring his computer for months now. The activity has completely returned to before he began this blog. I don't have so close an eye on Ia., but they basically made it appear as if by a freak accident the two of them collided on a road near Ia.'s home when Ia. fell asleep behind the wheel. He too seems to be completely unaware of anything. The worrisome thing is they've planted Ja.'s brother Jo in this as well, apparently as M.'s passenger. He too is in the hospital... and his chart apparently suggests similar retrograde amnesia. 

I don't know why people are buying this... and I don't know why Jo. was wiped. To my knowledge that phone call in a prior video was his only interaction with this. 

I will answer any questions that I safely can.

Otherwise this blog may simply go quiet. Like B, I gather information. I do not act upon it. The last time I tried to get into the thick of things, someone died. But my information is not firsthand. 

One last thing. Do not try to find and contact M. I'm putting the last video that appeared as private. That's all I can do. These three are better off being clueless because it's the only way they can be safe. I'm monitoring M. for now, but there's always a chance the method I'm using will be detected by a program and destroyed or maybe he'll have to reformat his computer. Either way? I don't trust that it will be there long. 

I fear that the countdown, which I also see on Ia.'s tumblr is connected in some way to erasing the blog or something else. Either way, I don't want it up with September 31st comes around. I hate to tell you this but that countdown was posted more than 12 hours after M's so called 'accident' and right now he is still in the hospital. Even if he had his laptop, I'm sure that he doesn't know a thing about the Slenderman anymore.

I made the decision to do this about an hour ago, waking up from a bad dream. I'm going to bed as soon as I take down that countdown from this and the tumblr. 

Ask me anything you want. 

I can't promise I'll give answers and I can't promise you'll like the ones I give.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've slept a lot lately.... like a ridiculous amount which can be classified as hypersomnia again but some of seems to have been restful sleep. I'm more awake now than I've been for a while and it's time to hunt down answers. I'm gonna start by going out to James' grave and calling Brian out there. If he doesn't come I'm going out to Rick's and finding out what the fuck has been going on lately. After that... maybe I can find Quinn's family?

This is Mark signing out. 1:08 PM. Hey, I'm up before 5! That's great for me lately.

Monday, August 22, 2011


The look on his face before I ran from him is fucking frustrating. I want to go back and at the same time I'm scared shitless. I still don't know what He's done to me. But Ian's eyes... all I could see was whites and that makes me think back to the video that just went up on Ian's channel... and my own eyes.

Brian seems like he's entirely disengaged from the situation and I don't understand why... and I don't think Ian's in there anymore. And whatever the fuck Quinn's up to he knows too much and NO ONE who he and I both knew has seen him since winter. I'm not sure what happened to him but he knows something and it's time he tells me what he kn

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last night's drama

About say five minutes before I finished the long post two posts back, I got up and went into the bathroom because I felt ill. I took a look into the mirror this time, something I'd been worrying about doing. Suffice it to say there was nothing was there which was fine by me. I spent the next day almost entirely in bed except to get food and water and medicine. I left the house yesterday around three because I had been invited by a friend to a battle of the bands a town over. The local bands in my town seem to like me, a lot know me by name. I guess I can be likeable enough to some people. Plus, this band was made up entirely of people who I considered my friends so if they invited me I was going to go. One of them picked me up and brought me there.

The night was pretty fun at first but then I just started feeling so god damned anxious. I ended up leaving in the middle of the concert many different times and just wandering the city. It was the only way to keep myself from feeling as if I just shouldn't be out there... and even that didn't help so much. Toward the end of the night a band got up who I knew from prior shows, I had talked to 2/5ths of its members many times before. I knew their kind of popculture taking internet 'humor' to offline life despite not knowing the source or in many instances meaning behind what they were saying.

One of the vocalists stepped up to the microphone for his sound check and began spouting nonsense into it, phrase after phrase of nonsense, geek humor, all rapid fire. And then I heard 'Slenderman.' It was that simple, some random, ignorant kid saying the name of this creature, this beast. And it set me off. I've never been kicked out of a show before, but I rushed the stage, yelling at this kid that he was a moron, that he needed to shut his fucking mouth. I guess they thought I was just heckling them because the crowd boo'd me and the guy told me to chill out. What they didn't count on was me getting on stage.

I don't know if I intended to hit the guy because I was frustrated at him for taking the time before sound check to preach and it reminding me of Ian or if it was just me being pissed that he would name this thing in front of everyone... but I wanted to hit him. I've come to believe that knowledge of this thing is what brings him down on you. So I was pissed.

All I know is that two of my friends had followed me to the stage and dragged me back off. One of them was pushed aside by one of the judges who grabbed me and pushed me to the door. I was in so much pain already that I couldn't fight it. He threatened to call the police on me and told me I wasn't welcome back. By this time it was dark as hell outside and I didn't want to go a-wandern'. This was basically a residential area... and one with a lot of small... wooded areas nearby. I don't like trees as much anymore. I figure that's something some of you might be able to understand. So I did leave but basically I just went around to the other side of the building and sat in my friend's truck.

For four hours.

With the amount of pain I was in when they found me those hours later, none of them wanted to take me home. They were thinking hospital and I cannot entirely blame them either. They also probably thought I was a bit too off kilter as honestly making any kind of scene at a concert that didn't involve riling a crowd up for the band on stage is unlike me. I convinced them to get me back to play place but that was about the end of things. I guess I'm just very lucky I didn't get my ass kicked or get the cops called on me.

I feel less stable.

Well then.

There's nothing super natural about why and how much tonight sucked. But at least no one called the cops on me...I left fast enough and didn't try to contact anyone until it had cooled down.

That and I think they all think I've got a bit insane.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I think He was angry this time. Reading the tumblr posts, I started to get paranoid about Ian. Not out of worry of him but for him. The more I read back the more I can put perspective on the emails he sent me leading up to the synchtube incident. When I told him that 'He is lying to you' and then accused him of trying to mislead you all I meant it. Ian believes the Slenderman to be a physical manifestation of some ancient god called Yum Ka'ax who was apparently the God of agriculture, forests, hunting. He thinks the physical look of The Slenderman is a result of pollution and no longer being worshipped. He kept trying to convert me, to convince me to meet him some where and ask his God's forgiveness.

When he took my camera he definitely traveled. Judging by the little bit I've been able to get from Brian lately...the more normal videos on this SD card show places that Brian was at and it seems like when he couldn't pinpoint the exact location Brian was going to be, he got as close as he could. Brian watched one video with me and said that the window of the hotel room he'd been staying in had been in the shot about halfway through the video.

Things seemed to unravel about the time that he came home. I think that night when he took the discs and the flash drive from my bedroom he found my hard drive and took it too. That's really disturbing since apparently it was with me at the fall and it would be the place I would store old videos and pictures, especially of the times that I can't remember anymore. I've begun to find out just how far back my memory problems go and frustratingly this doesn't seem to be the first gap I can place in my memory.

I can't keep babbling.

My point is whatever Ian saw or heard in that video he tried to delete or deleted entirely... it scared him, shook his faith judging by the tumblr post. Then that video goes up... and I can hear myself calling out his name, telling him to run. I don't understand it and cannot offer you a source for this audio. One can only assume that that hard drive holds something important. Or at least that's what I assumed. So I decided to turn the tables on him or Him or whoever I actually have to worry about. I made some phone calls and got Ian's address. He's a senior in high school this year so I knew he'd be out of the house during the day and his parents work. I hitched a ride to that side of town and I hated being back there.

After a fair amount of walking I came to his street but was unpleasantly surprised when I tried to survey the house. Namely, he lives next door to a cop. A middle of the day entrance was going to be unlikely. I could have gone to Rick's and met up with him and Brian, maybe even asked Brian to go with me. But the last time I was there things were awkward. I wasn't about to repeat it if I could avoid it.

I could have gone to Dan's but no one's hung with him in a while so I thought it would be awkward too, so I went to a friend of mine from a different circle of friends entirely. Her mother tolerated my presence at the house and she didn't seem to mind either. That night I left walking and spent a lot of time sitting behind an old gas station. Suffice it to say it was a bit fucking spooky, but I had to wait for the night to get calm before I tried what I was going to try.

I dialed Ian's house number from the payphone and when his father answered I told a little fib. Basically I told them a relative had been in a nasty accident and wasn't expected to make it, pretending to be a doctor. What I neglect to mention is that from the back of the gas station I could watch Ian's driveway, though only barely. Sure enough, the only car they owned left. Without a way of knowing who was in it I had no way to know if the place would be empty.

At least, not until I got closer. Surely with news like that anyone left in the house would be up.

When I got there it was completely dark in the house. I thought for sure that they had all gone. I walked right up onto the porch and checked all the usual places for a spare key, finally finding a small black box in a bush near the porch and using it to get inside. The house was still in fact pitch black inside. My cell phone lit the way for me. The bad news is that I've never been inside Ian's house before... to my knowledge. I managed to get through the front room without making any noise and to that end didn't shut the front door entirely.

I went through a doorway that looked like it might lead into a hall. On my left was a wall and straight ahead seemed to be another room, so I turned right, bringing my phone around. It took everything I had not to scream. The light showed a form at the end of the hall and knew what it was. Ian was still as a statue, a baseball bat in his right hand, pointed toward the ground. Panicking I felt for a light switch and when light flooded the hall way I could see his pale, drawn face. It was really, very unlike what I remembered seeing in the halls and on occasion talking to.

He didn't talk, but that didn't matter because I was scared shitless. All I could see were the whites of his eyes and he had begun moving toward me at no slow pace. I turned and ran through the doorway intot he room I hadn't been in and strangely enough the light came on in there as well.

Have you ever felt the fight or flight response fail? It all went so normal at first, I froze in reaction and then the adrenaline started pumping but almost just as quick I started feeling weak, dizzy, fluttery and at the same time I was staring at the mosr horrifying sight I had ever seen and it made me want to scream .Something stopped me, something held my tongue.

The Slenderman was there, pressed up against the ceiling of the room I had just walked into. Leading from him to the ground and the wall were what looked like inky, black tentacles that had hardened into something resembling legs of their own. He was angry. He fell on me and it was a crushing weight. Pain ripped through my back, so much pain that it's unbearable to sit or stand or lay right now and I would think it rebroken if the pain were not less, if I wasn't able to stand and walk and even run shakily under my own power. They told me I wasn't able to walk stand right after the fall.

But it hurt. The tentacles softened and they began to envelope me. They were cold... slimy, strong. Its lack of face pressed right up against my actual face. I was touching its pale dead feeling skin. It reminded me of the cold to the touch skin that I last felt.... well never mind that. My heartbeat only picked up and my chest had trouble expanding and contracting under the constriction and my eyes slammed shut as it pressed its head against mine.

It felt as if somethig fell off of its head or its nonface and landed on mine but I found nothing and there was nothing to be able to do that. It just squeezed tighter and it seemed that the more it did so the more and more terrified I became and the more cold I became until finally I just blacked out.

That, according to this clock, was two hours ago. Now I'm laying here on my own bed somehow My clothers are torn and twisted and ruined but I woke beneath my covers. My head hurts and I cannot stop shivering. My eyes don't want to focus, glasses or not so I'm trusting only my hands which have worked across a keyboard day in and day out for years. My stomach is churning and I've had to run to the bathroom to vomit twice now... which sucks when I haven't eaten for 36 hours. What's really scary is the pain.

Not just my back but my arms. The fact that I'm in enough pain on other parts of my body that my back has not overrulled all of them astounds me.

I'm afraid to take a close look for injuries. I want to get back under my covers and get warm and hide But the thing is... my window cover has been taken down. The wall scroll I was using in place of a curtain. So as I lay here, I'ms taring right out into the dark night. I hope that I don't see that thing pressing its face against my window.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


very tired

if i dont put this down now i will forget it

he was cold that night

skin was literally cool

going back to sleep when i wake up i should be able to thin

I was depressed already so...

I decided to go to James' grave. I guess I neglected to mention that after finding out he died I looked up information about it. It wasn't anything big but it really brought home that something big WAS happening. There is one thing interesting. There was a candle there that didn't look like it had been out too long.

I came home and rested a bit more and then decided to try to get to work on the files on this SD card, but I just couldn't focus. I loaded up that last video and came to a realization.

1:12 to 1:18

I know that audio .

Pass me that lovely little gun
My dear, my darling one

It's a quote from O' Children. Upon looking, Ian seems to have linked to it and another song on his tumblr.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Night

So I got a ride away from there pretty early this morning. As can happen, certain temperaments and alcohol mixed badly. Badly enough I'm frustrated at certain people. But something interesting happened that I *can* tell you about. Jess showed up to pick me up about a half hour after I posted that status and we went over. The first thing I was treated to was the sight of Rick and Brian sitting playing computer games like old times. They had clearly begun drinking already. When Rick mentions drinking, he's not kidding.

I joined them fast to catch up and Brian pulled me aside and held up something REALLY familiar.

My camera.

He has no clue how it got into his bag, but at his last stop in Austin, TX apparently he discovered it after getting off the plane. It functions.

Now, as for the rest of it, tempers, alcohol and threats. Not great shit.

I think Brian and Rick's father bonded over being military men and Brian's going to be living there while he's back in town which means most of his communication to me will be through text. Which is fine. I just don't know exactly what's happening. I need some aspirin and not just for a hangover.

My hangovers tend to be extreme heat sensitivity and not headaches which just calls me lucky.

Well anyway, I'm gonna probably try to get some sleep... then I'm going to read that tumblr: and check the camera.

Someone asked about Ian's recent video, if I could give you a time frame. I remember very little of this. In face, :I remember pretty much none of it. Some of the clips seem to be from a birthday of mine, I'm saying that because of the fireworks and me being born on the 4th of July. Brian and I are at a local restaurant with other people in one shot... he's acting goofy as hell. Looks like it may be senior year, maybe junior. His hair makes me think senior. There's one of me in a hotel and my hair is short... which uh, doesn't make sense. In the last 6 years I've cut my hair once. Halloween 08. I hate Halloween. It needs to pass quietly this year.

But I don't remember going to a hotel any time around then.

There's my father at some sort of bonfire or something... In the final clips I know where we are and I know when too. We're at the spider wall and other things outside of the theater.

The storm, the play ground, the shots of me looking weird as fuck? I don't know. The shot of a swimming pool may be Rick's... maybe Dan's? I don't know. Most likely Rick's because of the wood in the shot. I wasn't going up on that huge rickety deck while drunk last night.

Here's the thing... judging by the clips right before it... the fountain was the one right outside the hospital. I'm really kind of freaked out because there is a shot right before that of me sitting in the corner of one of the hospital rooms beside my dad in a chair and whoever is recording us is in the bed... and I don't know who it is.

I'm frustrated. And it's like Ian is mocking my memory issues.

If it's still Ian.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

huh again

I was just getting ready to shut down for the night since I'm being picked up within a few minutes by Jess. I checked my email and I had one from Ian.

It was to his youtube channel in the description was a tumblr I'd never been to before. I think it was advertised in the video he put on my synchtube but I never thought to... to look. This is all too fucking weird. I can't wait to show Brian.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


Plans called on account of rain, but I'll be meeting up there tomorrow probably.

Edit: Apparently that was a preemptive message. Still waiting for my ride.

Text from Rick

Received a text from my friend Rick, telling me someone would be by to get me soon and we were going to have a night of drinking... just the 'three' of us. I replied "Three?" His response was "Yeah, you me and the deserter we could go to jail for harboring." Gee, Brian, subtlety has never been your strength.

At least he's back!


Oh one last thing. Stormy is gone now, but I guess it was her who left a piece of paper on my bedside table a couple days ago. I kept forgetting to mention it, but God my back is glad I'm back in my own bed and not on the couch.

Anyway, it was a link.

I got an honorable mention as you can tell.

-That "douche"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Another Email Post

(From Brian)

Cymbu Y. to me
show details 8:15 PM (16 hours ago)
I tried to post but blogger was down. 

Please share this, Mark. 

Mark, I don't know what you've gotten into with this girl, but I didn't send you any text messages. It's possible I may not communicate with anyone again until we see each other next. Call it 'going dark.' I've been traveling and it hasn't been all fun and games and drinking and beaches. Though I would be lying to you if I said I didn't take a chance to get some of that in there.

The Slenderman is real. Few believe that, but I've seen him and it sounds like finally, you have too.

Life is strange and that's the easiest way to say it. I can't get this detail out of my head. If you want information about possible dangerous activities, you go to Chechnya. I used to frequent a bar in Grozny. The city, even now shows signs of its past issues but if you know where to look you can find a place worth being in. The bar was dingy but that was alright. The men there all knew me by name and face.

Not my actual name, of course.

No, I was, strangely, accepted there as an American born Russian immigrant, Feliks Volkov, come back to my homeland. Some of the people in there heard strange things and had experiences strange things and they new I had an interest in the paranormal. That's not all that strange in Russia, perhaps even less so than here.

One day in mid February I was sitting down for a drink. I was tired and I was drained and I felt like I might need to request a couple days' for a break. I was getting nothing and nowhere. Someone dropped a photo in front of me on the bar and bought me a drink. He was a long term acquaintance who was bringing me something he thought might interest me. I sent it on to my superiors but left it because though there were some extreme similarities, it was clear to me that this was not relative to my search.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't dismissed it so cleanly. It's started to give birth to a theory or two of mine.

Some people, the same people who believe The Slenderman is a joke, a gas, a laugh they saw this thing in a photo out of Spain, like I did, and they jokingly called it 'The Tall Gentleman.' I found one of the photos. The story seems to be that a man was leaving his office building late one night, or maybe looking from a window based off of the picture I have. The thing pictured and described is strikingly similar to Slenderman but considered separate.

It also turns and shifts in ways no one has ever reported with the Slenderman. A theory I read was that it was extradimensional somehow and these changes in shape, rapid stretching and growth are some manifestation of shifting through our three dimensions, him being unable to exist as we are.

But the thing is? He holds so many similarities with the Slenderman... and I think that maybe I saw him myself once. I reported the event as an oddity, I personally encountered the Slenderman three times while searching for information on it. Each time was disastrous but now I'm beginning to think that the second time was not what I thought it was.

I reported the event as an oddity to my superiors much like I said. I thought I encountered Slenderman from several meters away, in a thickly forested region of Siberia. He was acting strangely and for the first time had no thermal reading. I shifted my gear out of thermal sight to a low light vision mode but what I saw was more weird than what I hadn't seen. The Slenderman was sort of blurry, hard to see but more than that he was... nude. I saw no genitals, but he was nude.

Is it possible that I was mistaken or could I have seen this new thing... and if so... does that mean it has something to do with the Slenderman?

Well that was his email, he attached this picture.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Brian found a phone and sent me a text that told me to meet him somewhere familiar to me. The woods behind my grandmother's house. I was disconcerted but I figured he'd been reading my blog and chose to meet me somewhere relative to the current moment. When I got to my grandmother's house I parked there and I've been there since. I've been going back and forth between her house and the woods since. She had no problem with me sleeping there and I admit I haven't done much eating, which for a guy my size and with my appetite is either a miracle or a bad sign.

Maybe I should have taken it as a hell of an omen. I'm at home now but I'm not alone.

It's not what you think... Brian's not here, either. I've crashed on my couch to give someone who seems like they need some good rest a chance at it. But that's getting ahead of myself. I left the morning of the seventh. Things got weird almost immediately. It was only a five minute trip to my grandmother's. I went out to the woods and walked around familiar areas. Some of the barely visible paths through the little woods had been maintained by me and my cousins as kids and very early teenagers. My father and his brother and sister had done it before me. But a few really good storms since then and one huge ice storm rendered them mostly gone.

These woods are too small for anything too big as far as animals, which is why as it started getting dark that first day I found the amount of noise I was hearing suitably disconcerting. There were some breaking twigs and rustling and crackling leaves, but the thing was it was rapid and in high quantities, like something fast and large moving toward me.

I got out of the forest that night well after dark. I never got another text message, but I got up the next morning at around eight or nine , grabbed a flashlight, a few bottles of water. If he kept me out there until dark again, I intended to be able to see. I decided that, given how small the place was, I'd post up on this large, thick tree that had fallen and gotten caught in the branches of an equally thick tree. Basically, I just crawled myself up about half way and found a good place to sit and watch. Given my back problems it was dumb of me and it definitely hurt.

But I sat there for about two hours before getting irritated I tried to call the number that I'd gotten the text from but it was 'out of service.' All that that call really did for me was give me reason to realize my phone's battery was almost dead. I won't bore you with anymore of the details about the day. Suffice it to say I was out there for a while.

It was getting nice and dark by the time that the noises started up again. I'd left the woods once to get some food about two hours prior to that so I was ready to stick it out this time. I turned on the flash light and called out for Brian but I saw nothing. But there was something in the air other than the noises from last night. But those were more important because they kept getting closer. I started to get a wild, shaky fear, because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find the source of the noise. It would be in one spot and then when I turned to look for it, it would start coming from behind me, or maybe even a ways off in the distance.

I guess my nerves got the better of me and I started running though I had no clue which direction I was going in. The noises kept following me but they did the shifting around every time I aimed at it. I got so god damned fired up that I really lost track of everything. And I bumped into something. It wasn't a tree. It was too soft for that and even a bit warm. I went down hard. Pain shot up my back from the break and for just a god damn moment I thought I was going to cry. The way my flashlight had landed it was blaring into my eyes. I realized as I reached for the light that I had just ran into something living, something the height of a person, something that had just grabbed hold of my other arm.

I grabbed the light and swung at it on instinct. I heard a grunt and the hand was gone. Somehow, some way, the flashlight worked still. I tried to get to my feet and when I did I got the whole hitting with a blunt object favor returned. It was a glancing blow to the knee so as bad as it probably was I could barely feel it over my back pain. I spun the light around and it landed on something I hadn't expected. It wasn't Ian, it wasn't Brian, it was a girl I'd never seen before.

I had to cover my surprise because I had to remember this was a girl I'd just swung the flashlight with. I shined it on my own face.

“Stop, stop stop! It was an accident!” I managed to get the light back around to her, but her eyes were damned wide and looking past me. I turned on instinct and saw it there. For maybe half a second I was right beside it. Right beside him. Taller than my friend Dan, pushing maybe seven and a half feet, no face... no hair... no discernible features at all other than tall, He was standing there right in front of me, frozen in place. If you ever ran into a Redead in the Legend of Zelda games, it was as if we had that same effect on Him.

Then I did the only thing I could think to do, I grabbed her hand and ran like hell, spinning the flashlight around to try to get a baring on the situation but the only thing I could remember was the feeling of terror I felt in that moment that I saw Him. Finally I landed my light on a familiar mesh shape. The fence at the back edge of the woods. I drew the light to the left, trying to look for a downed part, but instead found a huge gap in the fence, one that lead too far out of my way. We had to go a bit further down the fence line.

Whoever she was had jerked her hand from mine a few seconds before and I hadn't even noticed. But she kept following me from a pretty short distance, probably to keep an eye on whatever the light was pointed at. Maybe He followed us, maybe not. My hearing's almost as bad as my senses of sight, smell and taste, so all I could hear was us running like hell. Finally I pointed out a low section in the fence and we hopped it in what should be considered record time for someone out of shape with a busted up spine and pain radiating through most of his god damned body.

The fence line ended about half a minute of running later and we turned into someone's yard. The guy who lived in the house was the type who used to shoot salt pellets at people trespassing in the woods. He was clearly in no shape to do that now so even if he heard us running through his yard and drive way I wasn't worried. I think she asked where we were going, but I didn't answer. I just kept moving, but at little more than a limping trot.

I remember asking if she saw Him when we got to my grandmother's place and into my car. I guess it was a sort of numbness to the world that made me think it was a good idea to trust this stranger I'd just met. I asked her name and in return I got, 'Stormy.'

We sat in that driveway and talked for about an hour. I learned just enough to trust that she wasn't going to kill me and I think maybe she felt similarly. Either way, I decided to bring her here to let her sleep. Sitting in the car in that drive way in the dark was just too freaky for me. I locked up the house, left a note for my old man explaining that someone was crashing in my room and I fell asleep in the living room with every light that I could turn on, on.

That's.. honestly all there is to tell.

She knows what He is. Maybe she knows more than me, maybe she can tell me something. I don't know.

 I don't think that text was from Brian.  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brian's contacted me

again. I'm not sure how long til you next hear from me. Hopefully not too long.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Interview with my dad.

Sorry for the audio quality. The way he tells it, I hadn't been home the night before the accident and he went to work. He works midnights. He got a call at work saying the neighbors had found me outside the front door, bleeding from the head holding a box.

I do not remember having heard about the box before.

He said it contained my old external hard drive but that he wasn't sure what happened to it.

Unfortunately he couldn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

At least about the memory issues.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What story!?

It sounded like I was having fun?

I have changed the blog's title, obviously.

Another odd email

Received an e-mail from Ian Promethean. Had a video file attached. I'll be uploading it to youtube. The textual portion of the email reads:

Mark, are you sure all I took was what Brian gave you? Anyway, I want you to watch this. Maybe you can tell us some stories since you've been so quiet lately.  

I guess he's still mocking me about the camera? Doesn't explain this video. It seems to be spread out over a large period of time judging by Brian's hair.

'Tell us some stories'? I wish I could.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weird occurences

Couple things happened tonight. Around 9 or so, I was sitting on my couch when I noticed that on the section of the wall of my hall that is exposed I could see a weird light in a shape like something glaring through my window.

My covered window.

My covered window which couldn't show a car's headlights because it's facing a building.

My lights were off in the room and no one was in there to flip them on.

About two hours ago... I was sitting in the same god damn spot. The house was pitch black as it almost always is when I'm most awake. My light kitchen light turned right on, no provocation. I ran into the room to see what was going on, but there was no one there. The front door didn't open or close but I went out front to check just in case.

Nothing and no one.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Jig Is Up. Yeah.

Okay so I think by now you've all come to understand I haven't told you everything. I'll leave most of it to Brian whenever he gets the time. But I'll tell you this much. When Brian and I were sitting on the deck in back of Rick's place on the 20th, he had a fuck of a story to tell me about what he's been doing for the last six months. Some of you know about this thing and think it's fiction, some of you know better and know it's fiction. 

Well, you're both wrong. At least, according to Brian. 

He described to me a tall man in a black suit and tie. His head was devoid of hair or eyes or nose or mouth. He was unnaturally tall and had a tendency to have a few too many limbs when upset. He told me it was supernatural, strong, had hurt him before. He said his job was to gather information on it and that's what he gave me. A CD, a flash drive and a few pieces of paper in a binder that lead to online storage with all of the information he could give me. 

You all know how well I kept hold of that. Less than a week. 

It seems Brian's trying to get any information he didn't have before... which is good because I don't have anything anymore. I got an email from a friend of his today with a bit of information in it. He seems to be affiliated with the people Brian mentioned or maybe this person is one of them. 

Anyway. Here's what he sent me. There are bits and pieces that I didn't particularly know about before and it makes me curious. 

Hello Mark

This is strelok degtiarev I am a friend of Brian.

Do not ask, to much about are relationship he is a good man and friend.

He asked that I give you information I know of about the "slenderman"

Ok from what i'v seen 

The slender man is able to:

Teleport (Or some shit like that)
Make his body parts go long, like super hero from fantastic 4
Kill you, well that one you can get on your own
Make camera and shit go funky 

How he normally acts:
He normally does nothing he stands there looking oh so scary
But when he is moving oy it is fast, to fast to see
He can impale you with tentacles or what ever 

How he looks:
Tall mother fucker skinny to skinny, weirs a suit  and HAS NO FUCKING FACE

How to beat him:
I have no idea
My boss grof thinks that recording him works well, I dont know how I am not doctor.

Now my friend Dasvidaniya stay safe, let the vodka flow and if you need anything more just ask.

I wrote him a short thank you back... because I don't know what else to say. Days like this though, his parting advice sounds pretty nice, about letting the vodka flow.